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Spring Cleaning for Your Business

By | March 31, 2011

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house. It’s for your business too. And no, I’m not talking about organizing files or cleaning the dust bunnies behind your desk (though that’s helpful too). I’m talking about clearing the clutter off of your plate and spending some time re-focusing on your goals.... Read More »

We Want Your Feedback

By | March 23, 2011

It’s incredibly important to us that our blog posts and emails are interesting and useful to YOU, our readers. Although we pay close attention to your comments and tweets, we want to make sure we are delivering content that helps you grow your business and tackles your marketing and social... Read More »

Website Critique – Business and Learning

By | March 17, 2011

With all of the free tools available on the web today, it’s easy to build a website. The hard part is creating a site that’s strategically geared to drive sales. For your website to get the results you’re after, your website needs be graphically appealing, and more importantly, it needs... Read More »

Why a Free Logo will Cost You

By | March 15, 2011

Last week, a Small Business Trends article talked about 33 free (or nearly free) design services you can use to generate a logo for your business. The article argued that custom logo design is just too expensive for many cash-strapped businesses just starting out and offered up some much cheaper... Read More »

The One Thing That’s Holding You Back

By | March 07, 2011

Saturday, I ran 10 miles in the pouring rain. That’s right, 10 WHOLE MILES. Why, you ask? I’m training for my third half marathon. Some might call me crazy. In fact, two years ago, I would have said you were absolutely nuts if you told me that I would ever... Read More »

Website Critique – The Invisible Office

By | February 25, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, we announced our new website critique service to help businesses get better results from their websites. And today, we’re excited to present you with a critique of Erica Cosminsky’s newly launched site, The Invisible Office! Erica just launched her site a couple of weeks ago... Read More »

Website Critique for Tyler McPeak – The Fitness Lifestyle

By | February 10, 2011

If you want to grab attention online, your website has to stand out. It has to be polished. You have to put your best foot forward. You can’t afford to settle for a sub-par website. The problem is that when it comes to our own sites, it’s hard to look... Read More »

How to Take Your Website from Average to Awesome

By | February 09, 2011

As a small business owner, you are likely familiar with the phrase “the cobbler’s kids have no shoes,” right? Unfortunately, we are so worried about running our businesses that we forget to focus on building our businesses. As a business owner today, you can’t afford to let your children go... Read More »

3 Reasons Small Businesses Don’t Use Social Media

By | February 01, 2011

A recent Small Business Trends article shared some pretty surprising statistics about how small business owners view social media. In the article, it cited a report that said 47 percent of small business owners don’t think their customers use social media and 24 percent didn’t think their customers research online... Read More »

What gives you joy?

By | January 18, 2011

Last week was a less than stellar week for me. You know the type of week – a few crummy things happen and it continues to snowball until you are in a total funk. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances were that led to my funky state. What does matter... Read More »