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How a Strong Company Culture Dramatically Improves Your Marketing

By | February 08, 2016

I have long been interested in the power and importance of developing a strong company culture. Throughout my career, I always looked for ways to improve the culture at the places I worked. I firmly believed that a happy, engaged and motivated workforce would produce better work. There are plenty... Read More »

What Blue Kite Stands for as a Company

By | February 02, 2016

Four years ago today I became a full-time entrepreneur. It has been an amazing journey so far, but I have never been more excited about the direction of Blue Kite than I am right now. In the past few months, I have brought on two new team members – Reed... Read More »

3 Words to Guide Me in 2016

3 Guiding Principles for 2016

By | January 04, 2016

Happy 2016! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that your New Year is off to a great start! One thing I do to start every year is to determine three words or phrases to guide my throughout the year. I call them my guiding principles. No, these... Read More »

Building a Winning Culture: Lessons from the Kansas City Royals

Building a Winning Culture: Lessons from the Kansas City Royals

By | November 16, 2015

I grew up as a Kansas City Royals fan. Although I was too young to remember when they won the 1985 World Series, I do remember that era – George Brett, Bret Saberhagen, Bo Jackson and Willie Wilson. I remember hearing my dad yelling “BO JACKSON, BO BABY!” when I... Read More »


The Power of Admitting Mistakes in Business

By | November 09, 2015

There are few things worse than discovering that you or someone at your company has made a cringe-worthy mistake. It’s embarrassing, frustrating and it can totally disrupt your business. And if you’re like most people, it makes you want to crawl in a hole to hide from the potential fallout.... Read More »

Productivity Tips for the Time-Starved Marketer

Top Productivity Tips for the Time-Starved Marketer {Podcast}

By | November 04, 2015

Although it is one of the most exciting times to be a marketer, it’s also one of the toughest. Marketing is more complex than ever before thanks to the vast number of channels and platforms available to us today. And the landscape keeps shifting on a weekly basis so it... Read More »

Hiring an In-House Marketing Team vs. Marketing Agency

By | September 28, 2015

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a prospective client about their marketing needs. They currently have an in-house marketing person, but he is not quite fitting the bill. He’s a bit behind on digital marketing and he’s a “doer” not someone who can guide their marketing efforts. They... Read More »

How to Promote Your Company the Right Way

How to Promote Your Business Without Becoming a Used Car Salesman

By | September 14, 2015

A lot of entrepreneurs and business leaders have a tough time selling themselves. They don’t want to sound like a used car salesman who is constantly peddling the latest deal on the lot. And, because overselling is so rampant on the social web, businesses often get gun-shy about touting their... Read More »

Limited Marketing Budget? Here’s Where to Spend Your Money

Limited Marketing Budget? Here’s Where to Spend Your Money

By | August 24, 2015

In recent weeks, I’ve had several conversations with people who want to know where they should spend their limited marketing budget. These folks know they need to market their business, but they are short on staff, resources and budget. If you’re a startup, non-profit or if sales are down at your... Read More »

10 Proven Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out From Competitors

10 Proven Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out From Competitors

By | July 20, 2015

If you’re a business owner, you’ve undoubtedly heard the statistics around business failure rates. Only 50 percent of businesses make it past the first five years and one-third make it past the 10-year mark. Although there are plenty of reasons why businesses fail, lack of differentiation is one that often... Read More »