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Want to rise above the competition? It doesn’t happen by accident.

It requires a smart brand strategy to uniquely position your organization as the definitive choice in your market. We’ll help you dig deep to uncover the magic of your story. The one that people can’t stop talking about.

Depending on your preference and budget, we have two options for brand strategy.

Laura Click leading a brand strategy session at Blue Kite

Option one

Brand Strategy Development

Comprehensive, “done for you” option 

The traditional way we work with organization is by building a brand strategy for you. This works best when you need help and you want someone to take the reins. You show up for the workshop, and we do the rest.

How It Works

Brand Strategy

Brand Discovery Workshop

We spend a half-day getting to know you, your business and what you stand for. We leave with everything we need to build your strategy. It might just be one of the funnest days in your business life!


Smart strategies require that we do our homework. That’s why we survey your customers and your team to understand what they value most about your brand. Plus, we review the competitive landscape so we know how to ensure you stand out instead of blend in.

Strategy Development

Finally, we put it all together so you understand your unique brand positioning, what makes you stand out and the stories and messages to use in your marketing. We’ll review it to you to ensure it is aligned with your goals and vision.

Investment: $7,500 and up*
*Pricing may go up depending on the size, scope and needs of your organization

Option two

Brand Strategy Workshop

Collaborative, “done in a day” option

If you want to take quick action and if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly approach to brand strategy, our one-day workshop is an excellent option for you.

During this interactive full-day workshop, we’ll help you identify and better articulate your brand’s story and how to uniquely position yourself in your market.

Laura Click, founder of Blue Kite

How It Works

Brand Strategy workshop

Ultimately, you’ll leave this experience with a better understanding of how to position your business in the market. This can help inform decision making, branding, hiring, product development and marketing. And you’ll get this powerful information with the investment with less than a day of your time.


Pre-workshop call. We’ll discuss your goals, get some basic information from you and secure a date.

Pre-workshop homework. To make the most of our time together, you will have some homework to complete prior to the workshop, including customer and team surveys (we will provide you with the templates and tools for this).

Full-Day Workshop

Full-day virtual workshop. We’ll spend the full day together, working together to do the following:

  • Build or clarify your mission, vision and values
  • Create customer personas so you know exactly who you are talking to
  • Identify what customers value most about your business
  • Craft a series of stories to help sell your business
  • Develop key messages to use in marketing and promoting your business
Post Workshop

Workshop recording and notes. Following the workshop, you will receive a document outlining all of the information, messaging and stories we created together. Plus, you’ll get a recording of our time together should you need to reference it.

Post-workshop follow-up. We’ll schedule an hour-long checkin call to review the strategy we created, make adjustments and answer questions.

Investment: $5,000

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