Drive Sales with a High-Impact Brand

Reach New Heights with a Smart Brand Strategy

Brand strategy shapes what people believe about your organization. When you’re clear about who you are as a business, your audience is too. 

A strong brand strategy combined with clear, concise messaging, will:

  • Attract more profitable customers
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Optimize your marketing budget
  • Win more customer referrals 
  • Improve company culture and employee retention
Laura Click leading a brand strategy session at Blue Kite

How Blue Kite Brand Strategy Has Helped Our Clients

“I’ve relied on Blue Kite to provide me with smart, ROI-focused, strategic brand insights for over a decade now. Their instincts for how to meld design, culture, and customer insights into cohesive messaging is without parallel. Blue Kite is without a doubt the secret to my success.”

Stan Smith
Visit Detroit

Laura took the time to really listen and truly understand our business model and needs. By implementing Blue Kite’s recommendations, we’ve already seen an increased interest in our business and have even gotten new clients during the pandemic. That speaks volumes.”

Tash Weddle

“If you need clarity in your brand strategy and want to really pull the essence of your business out, go engage with Blue Kite. Because it will work. I’d do it again, which tells you everything you need to know.”

Gregory Gray
Gray University

The Blue Kite Brand Strategy Process


Together, we’ll uncover what you stand for as a business in a private, half-day Brand Discovery Workshop.


Our team will assess the strength of your current brand with an in-depth review of your existing marketing assets and approach.


We’ll show you how to stand out in your market based on our in-depth competitive research.


We’ll bring to light what your customers and employees value most about your business so you can build this into your future brand strategy.


You’ll get a comprehensive Blue Kite Brand Strategy which outlines your competitive advantage and shows you exactly how to communicate it to the world.

Let’s Elevate Your Brand Together

Through our Blue Kite Brand Strategy process, we’ll identify your Core Brand Elements to help you reach new heights:


Together, we’ll solidify your Core Vision, Core Mission and Core Values so your entire team knows what you stand for and where you’re going as an organization.


Our team will uncover your Competitive Advantage and Core Value Proposition so you know exactly what makes your business unique and why customers choose you.



We’ll identify your target audience profiles so you can better understand your ideal customers and tailor your marketing messages to them.



We’ll create your key messages, tagline, brand narrative & story so you’ll have the language to confidently communicate why customers should choose your organization.


Core Positioning

Our strategists will develop your Brand Personality, Tone & Voice so your team knows how to consistently communicate in a way that’s unique to your brand.


Core Channels

We’ll recommend the top channels you should use to market your brand so you can focus your efforts where it create the biggest impact on sales.


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