Branding that helps you get noticed

Unlocking the Magic of Your Story to Create Greater Impact

There’s power in telling stories. But, not just any story.

It has to be compelling and uniquely yours.

Your brand story must connect with your audience in a meaningful way for them to buy your products, support your work or partner with your team.


Step 1

Brand Strategy

Shape what people think about your organization.

We start with strategy. Every time.

Think of this as your game plan for how you show up in the world. It’s not just your logo. It’s what you stand for as an organization and how that translates into your work and the promise you make to customers. 

When done well, your brand strategy will shape what people think about your company and help you stand out. That’s why it’s so important to get it right.


Step 2

Brand Implementation

Strategy is hugely important. But, it won’t help you if it sits in a drawer. 

That’s why we help you bring your brand strategy to life through our brand implementation services. Depending on your unique needs, we can help you with the following:

Brand Messaging

Tell a more compelling story that captures attention.

Brand Naming

Redefine your business or product with an impactful name

Brand Design

Get noticed with a fresh, new logo and brand design

Brand Marketing

Bring it all together with a website, printed pieces and more

Are We a Good Fit?

We only work with people we enjoy and businesses we believe in. That means we’re not a fit for everyone and not everyone is a fit for us. And that’s okay!

You might be a good fit for Blue Kite if you value:


Your marketing is only as good as the brand strategy behind it. That’s why we only offer marketing execution services only if we’ve built a strategy first.

You aren't looking for just tactical execution.

If you just want a website, brochure, logo or other marketing tactic, we’re not the best fit. While we do those things, we only do them after building a strategic plan.


Our partnership will require your time and attention. That means communication with us regularly, setting aside time for meetings and providing information in a timely manner.

You don't want a “set it and forget it” solution.

If you want to hand off all of your marketing and walk away, we won’t be the best option for you. Our partnership will require your time and attention. If you can’t invest in the partnership, we’re not your best bet.

New Ideas

We bring you ideas and approaches you might not have considered before. Great partners are willing to consider this information in order to make their business better.

You're not looking for overnight success.

Good marketing takes time and money. That’s why we don’t make outlandish claims just to get you in the door. We’re upfront about the fact that good brand strategy and marketing takes time and money.

Ready to elevate your brand?

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