Stand Out with a Strong Brand Name

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Accelerate growth with a smart, strategic brand name

The right brand name helps you stand out in a crowded market.  When your brand name clearly reflects who you are as a company, it makes it easier for people to choose you.

Whether you need to change your company name or need a name for your new business, a strong brand name will help you:

  • Make your marketing more effective and efficient
  • Attract the right clients and customers
  • Strengthen the value of your brand
  • Improve scalability of your business
  • Raise your prices and increase profitability

How Blue Kite’s Brand Name Development Has Helped Our Clients

“Rebranding was a scary prospect. I worried that people wouldn’t like the new name, or they’d think we were trying to be too corporate, or that it would fundamentally change how people saw us. But in reality, people are so excited about our new brand: staff, patients, and even just people from the community. It feels like we’ve taken a good thing and made it even better. I truly love everything we’ve created together. Blue Kite was absolutely the best team I could have chosen to bring this new brand to life.”

Alexa Hulsey
Encircle Acupuncture

“We were having difficulty coming up with a name for our new service line that was not already trademarked or registered. Once we engaged the Blue Kite team, they created a unique name that was inclusive of the product’s application, while also matching our current branding. Thanks to Blue Kite’s help, the branding for SaniShell has helped us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and successfully introduce this new service to clients.”

Pam Peters
DPM Care

The Blue Kite Brand Naming Process


We define your core identity, target market and competitive advantage so your name reflects your position and message.


We generate at least 50-100 name ideas, looking at how to strategically align with your goals and brand.


We narrow down our list to the best options and vet our top choices for availability for URLs and social media handles.


We refine our top choices and present 3-5 options to you with our rationale for each.


We work together with your team to gather buy in for a new name. We bring your team along through the process.

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