SaniShell Surface Treatment

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The Challenge:

DPM Surface Care was launching a new service to help prevent the spread of the viruses and bacteria on surfaces to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Their offering featured an innovative product that not only killed harmful germs, but included a protective film to prevent them from coming back for months. DPM Care asked for our help to create a unique, trademarkable name for this new service line.

Our Approach:

We began our work by surveying the marketplace as competitors were quickly launching similar offerings. We wanted to ensure the name we chose stood out in the market, reflected DPM Care’s brand positioning, and quickly gave a sense of what this product was about.

Once we had solidified the key themes we wanted to focus on with the name, we brainstormed hundreds of words and phrases to help us find the right fit. We presented three naming concepts and decided on SaniShell. This name was chosen because it denotes sanitation, fits nicely with their other trademark, SaniClean and suggests the idea of creating a protective, sanitary shell on surfaces.

We then designed a logo that subtly resembled a turtle shell. The hexagonal shape also resembles the molecule for the main ingredient in the product, Chitosan. And the center cube was inspired to match DPM Care’s primary logo.

The branding was built to work with the DPM Care logo, while also standing on its own to give DPM Care the flexibility to license and sell the product.

The result:

SaniShell is a decidedly different brand than its competitors and DPM Care’s clients are eager to showcase that they are using this cleaning technology in their buildings.

We were having difficulty coming up with a name for our new service line that was not already trademarked or registered. Once we engaged the Blue Kite team, they created a unique name that was inclusive of the product’s application, while also matching our current branding. Plus, they were able to develop the strategy, name, branding and marketing materials all within a limited time frame. Thanks to Blue Kite’s help, the branding for SaniShell has helped us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and successfully introduce this new service to clients.

— Pam Peters, Presiden


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