Building brands for impact.

You want to change the world. We’ll help you do it. At Blue Kite, we help social enterprises tell their stories better. Ready to reach new heights and make a bigger impact?


The Sky's The Limit

We help social enterprises achieve greater impact.

Blue Kite is a brand strategy and development agency that works with socially conscious organizations and mission-minded businesses to create strong brands and compelling stories that get noticed.

It's time to

Rise Above the Competition

Bold brands rise above the competition because they’re not afraid to do things differently. They fly into the wind. They embrace challenges and upend the status quo.

That’s why we tied our brand to a kite. We work with dreamers, innovators and creatives who lead organizations built for impact. 

Want to get noticed? To rise above the competition and create a bigger impact?

We’ll help you do that by creating a strong brand, fueled by smart strategy, strong messaging and impactful design.

Elevate Your Brand. Reach New Heights.

You believe in the work you do. But, you need others to believe it too.
You might need Blue Kite if you’re struggling with your...


Having trouble standing out and connecting with your audience? You might need a smarter strategy. We’ll dive deep into your business to uncover what makes your organization unique and exciting and then build a roadmap for sharing it with the world.


Good stories sell. But maybe yours isn’t doing the job. Or, perhaps everyone is telling a different story. We can help you craft a powerful story that captures your audience (and keeps everyone on script).


Looks aren’t everything, but they certainly can help. We’ll help you build or refresh your visual identity (logo, website and marketing materials) so your designs match the quality of your work.

Sound like you? Learn how we can help.

Brands We
Believe In

We work with people we enjoy and businesses we believe in. Here are just some of the organizations we’ve helped reach new heights.

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