Encircle Acupuncture

Brand strategy, rebranding, messaging, logo design and marketing strategy​

The Challenge:

Alexa Hulsey wanted to expand her business and open a second acupuncture clinic. However, her location-focused company name would no longer represent the communities she served. She needed a new name, logo and marketing materials that would allow for the growth of her company without alienating her strong and devoted patient base.

Our Approach:

Through our patient research, we uncovered the key threads of what made Alexa’s clinic unique and better than competitors in Nashville. We landed on the name Encircle Acupuncture to represent the feelings of warmth, belonging and inclusion that patients feel when they visit. Because many of their patients are new to acupuncture, we wanted to make the branding inviting and non-threatening. The rays of light and heart are subtle nods to their original logo, while also offering an abstract, but approachable, version of acupuncture needles. The imagery and colors convey warmth, love and energy. To launch the new brand, we built and implemented an entire communication plan including emails, social media posts, blog articles, news releases and other marketing materials to ensure a smooth transition to the new brand.

The result:

The end result has been overwhelmingly positive. Her patient base has enthusiastically embraced the new name and the new brand represents the company in a much stronger way. 

“I enlisted Blue Kite’s help with the herculean task of renaming and rebranding my business, and working with them has exceeded my expectations in every way. Their approach was thoughtful, strategic, and truly customized to meet the unique needs of my business. Laura was incredibly encouraging and supportive throughout the entire process, and she and her team were committed to getting it right. Moreover, they’ve given us tools that will enable us to present a consistent brand message long into the future. It feels like we’ve taken a good thing and made it even better. I truly love everything we’ve created together. I never could have done it on my own, and Blue Kite was absolutely the best team I could have chosen to bring this new brand to life.”


— Alexa Hulsey, owner

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