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Top Productivity Tips for the Time-Starved Marketer {Podcast}

By | November 04, 2015

Although it is one of the most exciting times to be a marketer, it’s also one of the toughest.

Marketing is more complex than ever before thanks to the vast number of channels and platforms available to us today. And the landscape keeps shifting on a weekly basis so it can be incredibly difficult to keep up.

Not to mention, marketers are expected to take on more than ever before and often with the same amount of resources. To say that marketers are stretched thin would be an understatement.

It begs the question – How do you get it all done?

How do you stay on top of the trends without losing focus on your strategy?

How do work smarter, not harder?

That’s what we discuss in today’s episode of The Marketing Huddle.

Although we can’t wave a magic wand to give you more staff members, we can give you some of our best productivity tips to help you focus your energy on the right tasks so you can get more work done that matters.

Here’s what we talk about on the show:

  • How to decide which marketing tasks to tackle first;
  • Why multitasking is a myth and you should stop doing it immediately;
  • How to combat shiny object syndrome while still allowing time to explore new possibilities;
  • Why timers and calendars are your best productivity weapons;
  • How to carve out time to get key marketing tasks done; and
  • Our favorite productivity tools for marketers.

Listen to the Show

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  • Importance vs. Urgency grid. I like it! But where does listening to the Marketing Huddle fall? : )

    • Um, it’s DEFINITELY urgent AND important!! 😉 Just kidding, it’s not urgent, but hopefully, you find it important. Thanks for listening! We appreciate you, Steve!

  • I believe you mentioned this– and I follow this practice as well after reading that the world’s leading CEO’s do it– is to viciously guard the 1st hour of my day.

    When I get into the office, the first hour is Steve Time. It’s very much in my head, and quiet, and a chance to mentally lay out the day, or write, or read. Sometimes I even go so far as to put a Post-It Note on my (closed) office door which reads, “Please Do Not Disturb, Quietly Concentrating.”

    • YES. This is by far one of the most important things I do. I often start working as early as 6 a.m. because that gives me an hour (or sometimes 2-3!!) before the phone calls and emails start coming in. And, it’s during those first few hours that I’m doing business planning, blog writing and the like. It’s the time where Blue Kite comes first and then my clients get the rest of the day. 🙂 So glad you have a similar practice – it’s a smart move!

  • Thanks for recommending the music app for writing to– I’ll have to check it out. I agree, lyrics can be distracting (especially if you know them). One site which I use frequently is

    Sure, it’s low-tech, but it does the job! It’s got a zillion alarm clocks to choose from, but I linked to the page I use with the “moods”. You choose something like “rain” or “forest” and set the alarm, then voila! You will hear quiet background sounds as you write, until a truly jolting horrible noise goes off at the appointed hour. (Plus, it’s free, which lots of folks like.)