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Discover how Mark Zuckerberg creates seductive content

Mark Zuckerberg’s Secret to Seductive Content

By | January 18, 2017

For the past couple of years, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, announces a yearly challenge. A couple of years ago it was to learn Mandarin Chinese.  He nailed it. His latest challenge was to build a Jarvis-like personal assistant for his home. Good for him. He also ran 365... Read More »

How to Market Like Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer

Marketing Like Urban Meyer

By | January 11, 2017

Following the herd, especially the marketing herd, will get you fired. Why? Mark Twain offers a clue: Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. – Mark Twain The marketplace of ideas, especially marketing ideas, is filled with ideas already past... Read More »

People writing their company's story while sitting at a table.

Why Your Company’s Story Matters More Than Ever

By | August 15, 2016

I have a confession to make. For the past several months (or maybe a year if I’m truly being honest), I have fallen out of love with marketing. I have been frustrated by the constant focus on the next shiny object – the latest tool, platform, app or trick that... Read More »

How to Create a Better Brand Story

How to Tell a Compelling Brand Story That Matters

By | April 12, 2016

Stories have the power to connect with people in a way that few other vehicles can. Stories create understanding by helping us relate an idea to our existing experiences. And the best stories are memorable and easily shared. That’s what makes storytelling such a powerful vehicle for businesses. What is Your... Read More »

How to Tell a Deep Story in a Shallow Social Media World - Blue Kite Marketing

How to Tell a Deep Story in a Shallow Social Media World {Podcast}

By | March 02, 2016

Thanks to social media’s success, there has been a land rush to get on board and take advantage of these new and exciting ways to reach your audience. However, in doing so, the social networks have become crowded, noisy places where everyone is yelling louder to get heard above the... Read More »

5 Common Misconceptions About Content Marketing

5 Common Misconceptions about Content Marketing

By | November 19, 2015

Although most companies understand the value and importance of content marketing, there is still a lot of confusion about what it is and how to implement it. As a result, companies may shy away from implementing a content marketing solution because they misunderstand what it entails or how it can... Read More »

3 Critical Steps You Should Take Before Writing Your Next Blog Post

By | October 26, 2015

Every blogger that’s just starting out has a tough time writing their first blog posts. Oftentimes, their initial posts feel like a meandering maze through a topic that leaves readers guessing about what they are supposed to learn or take away. Part of the problem is that newbie bloggers dive... Read More »

The Power of Telling Your Brand Story

The Power of Telling Your Brand Story

By | October 19, 2015

Recently, a client hired us to create a brand strategy. We met with the client, talked with their customers, researched competitors and looked through all of their materials. And, everything looked good – their logo, their messaging, their website. All of those things were head and shoulders above their competition.... Read More »

5 types of content you should write for your blog

5 Types of Content You Should be Writing for Your Blog

By | October 05, 2015

There’s a reason I’m so romantic about blogging – it works.  I’ve seen it for myself and I’ve seen it for my clients. For instance, I have a client that has only been blogging for a few months. Just last week, they received a lead from their website for a... Read More »

5 Biggest Changes in Blogging

The 5 Biggest Changes in Blogging in the Past 5 Years

By | September 21, 2015

Last week, marked the fifth anniversary of the Blue Kite Marketing website and blog. And, a lot has changed since then. Not only have I gotten better as a blogger (just check out my first post for proof), but also the blogosphere itself has changed dramatically. The practice of blogging... Read More »