Why You Should Break Out of Your Social Media Shell

Don’t get me wrong — social media is great. You can make wonderful connections that way. I know I have.

But, it’s only part of the equation.

The real magic happens when you step away from the computer and transform those online connections to in-person relationships.

I’ve done business with people I’ve met online and have developed a cadre of colleagues and friends through social media connections. But, none of that would have been possible if I hadn’t stepped away from my computer to meet folks in person.

I know this isn’t always easy for folks, especially if you’re new to social media. Trying to determine when it’s appropriate to ask someone for coffee can be scary if you’ve never done it before.

But fear not! There is another way.

Conferences and meetups offer fantastic opportunities to deepen your online relationships and even meet new people you haven’t connected with yet.

If you haven’t yet taken your online relationships to the next level, there are two upcoming events that I’m particularly excited about that I wanted to share with you.

Join me at PodCamp Nashville

PodCamp NashvilleOn March 26, I’m going to PodCamp Nashville. PodCamp is a FREE “unconference” where anyone interested in online media gather and learn from folks in the trenches who are willing to get on stage and share their insight.

Even if you’re not a podcaster, PodCamp has something for everyone — you’ll hear informative case studies, in-depth how-tos and thought-provoking panel discussions on a wide range of topics from blogging and social media to QR codes and podcasts. I know several of the speakers and I’m confident it will be fantastic.

The sessions are short, but they are jam-packed with information. And, if you find yourself in a session that’s not quite for you, you can just hop on over to another one that’s more your style or even skip a session or two altogether and hang out in the hallways to meet some fantastic folks.

And, don’t wait until PodCamp to start connecting with people who will be attending. Simply follow the #pcn11 hashtag to join the PodCamp conversation on Twitter.

If you’re interested in growing your business through online media, you’ll want to attend PodCamp Nashville on March 26. And, don’t forget to sign up!

If you’re not in Nashville, there are plenty of opportunities to attend a PodCamp in your area. You can find a full list of PodCamps here.

Let’s go to Knoxville for SocialSlam

SocialSlamOn April 13, I’m headed to Knoxville for SocialSlam, a day-long conference where some heavy-hitters in the social media and marketing arena will share their insights about how to use digital media to impact your bottom line.

The impressive line-up includes folks like Jay Baer,
 a top marketing blogger and co-author of The NOW Revolution; Trey Pennington, a professor, author and popular web personality; and Christina “CK” Kerley, a renowned mobile marketing expert. You can check out the full agenda here.

Mark Schaefer, who I had the pleasure of meeting last year (thanks to Twitter), is the architect behind SocialSlam and I’m thrilled to join him in Knoxville for this event. And, I’m excited to finally meet a number of folks I’ve been conversing with online for some time.

The ticket price is $59, which is a steal considering the caliber of speakers. And, on top of that, you get a free breakfast and lunch, and a copy of The NOW Revolution and Mark Schaefer’s new book, The Tao of Twitter.

To see what people are saying about the event, you can follow the #soslam
on Twitter.

Seating is limited and I understand the spots are filling fast, so hurry up and register before it’s sold out!

If there’s anyone from Nashville who’s interested in attending, let me know and perhaps we can carpool or caravan to Knoxville.

Will I see you at PodCamp Nashville or Social Slam? Don’t miss out on these great events!

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4 replies on “Why You Should Break Out of Your Social Media Shell”

Glad to introduce you to SocialSlam! It should be a great event. I know there are several of us talking about putting together a carpool or caravan (Joel Widmer, Joey Strawn and Tyler Clark). Let me know if you’re interested in going and you can join in our little road trip!

Great post Laura. Huge thing isn’t it? Taking it from the web to face to face. This post rocks because it gets people thinking… “yea, I should go out there and meet people in person huh?”

Makes me feel more comfortable doing it just because you’re talking about it. I think it’s a very cool thing. I’m fascinated by the net and the kinds of connections people can make.

Unfortunately, I won’t be at any of those events but I’m sure they’ll both rock! I just won in a contest a book by Jay Baer, the Now Revolution. Haven’t dug into it deep, but it’s already incredible.

Great post.

Thanks for the kind words, Ryan! Even though you can’t make it to the events here, maybe you find a meetup in your area where you can meet folks.

Getting out and deepening the connections you make online really is the best part of the social web!

And as for Jay’s book, I haven’t read it yet, but look forward to getting my copy as part of my SocialSlam registration!

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