Top 20 Digital Marketing Blogs of 2014

Top 20 Digital Marketing blogs of 2014

On a fairly regular basis, I get asked about what digital marketing blogs I’m reading — by my team, colleagues, students and more.

Although I’ve got roughly 100 blogs I’ve subscribed to via Feedly (and I read even more through Triberr, Twitter feeds and the like), I’ve got a handful of blogs that I read more often than others.

Since I don’t have an easy way to share my Feedly subscriptions with all of you (though I’m told they are working on that), I thought I’d share my list of 20 favorite digital marketing blogs from this year.

Top Digital Marketing Blogs of 2014

The list is shown in alphabetical order and includes a little bit of information about why I like the blog, along with a recent post that’s worth checking out. If you’re not reading these blogs, I strongly suggest you check them out!

20 Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Read


Not only is Buffer one of my favorite social media apps, they also have a tremendous blog about social media and content marketing. Buffer’s content team is top notch when it comes to providing in-depth, research-driven content. Not only is it a great read, but a great model of how to do content right!

Worth reading:
14 Recent Changes to Twitter, Facebook, and More that Social Media Marketers Need to Know

 Convince & Convert

Jay Baer’s blog, Convince and Convert, is one of my go-to sources for all things digital marketing. Jay does a great job of staying on top of marketing trends and holds no punches when talking about what’s next. He’s a supreme publisher too — in addition to his blog, he also has the stellar Social Pros Podcast and his new video blog, Jay Today.

Worth reading:
Facebook Just Told Us How to Do Facebook Marketing


Copyblogger has been around for years, but it’s still one of the best. Brian Clark and his stable of writers and guest authors deliver excellent information about all things content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, SEO and the like.

Worth reading:
Why Shark Tank is Terrible for Your Business


Not only does our team LOVE using CoSchedule, the awesome content planning tool, but we really dig their content too. They share all sorts of great stuff to help your content get read and shared. They even created a free tool to help you analyze your blog headlines! If you’re into content marketing, you’ll love this blog.

Worth reading:
How to Get More Traffic From Every Post (Plus How OkDork Grew Traffic 400% In 8 Months)

 Content Marketing Institute

If you want to learn about content marketing, look no further than this blog by Joe Pulizi and company. This blog is smart, strategic and resourceful. You’ll find great case studies and examples, along

Worth reading:
How to Know What Content Drives Traffic

 Duct Tape Marketing

I’ve long been a fan of John Jantsch and his blog, Duct Tape Marketing.
 John does a great job providing easy-to-understand, practical digital marketing advice for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. No matter the size of your business, you’ll find great stuff here.

Worth reading:
5 Local Search Tactics You Must Employ Today

7. {Grow}

Not only is Mark Schaefer a digital marketing thought leader; he’s also a great friend. And his blog, {Grow}, is thought provoking, witty and fun. All great reasons why I regularly read, share and comment on his great content.

Worth reading:
7 Ideas to keep pace with the furious pace of social media change


This isn’t a blog, but a community where people can submit content about growth strategies. Articles are upvoted, so the cream rises to the top. It’s a great place to discover fantastic content I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

How A Real Estate Blog Went From 2,000 To 18,000,000 Visits Per Month In Two Years

 Jon Loomer

Jon is arguably one of the best Facebook marketers on the web. His blog offers fantastic insight for those who want to learn more about Facebook advertising and marketing.

Worth reading:
It May Be Time for You to Quit Marketing on Facebook

 Michael Hyatt

Although Michael’s blog focuses more on leadership and productivity, he still talks an awful lot about building your platform and growing your influence online. As an author and former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, Michael offers incredible insight – especially if you want to write a book and grow your online audience.

Worth reading:
What the Science of Goal Setting Tells Us about Accomplishing More of What Matters Most

 Orbit Media Solutions

Want to make your website better? Read the Orbiter, the Orbit Media Solutions blog led by Andy Crestodina. Andy and his team do a terrific job of sharing tips about optimizing your site, driving traffic and improving conversions.

Worth reading:
How to Make a Survey: 10 Steps for Winning Traffic, Shares and Links

 Pushing Social

Of course I’m a big fan of my good friend and podcast co-host, Stanford Smith. Stan dishes up honest content marketing and social media advice. He’s like the best friend that won’t let you out the door wearing something that makes you look ridiculous. He’s got your back and you’ll do well to follow his tips.

Worth reading:
Content Marketing the Smart Way


Neil Patel is the man behind CrazyEgg, HelloBar and KISSmetrics, which is why he’s so darn good at talking about website optimization. He shares all his secrets about driving traffic and conversions on your site. You don’t want to miss it.

Worth reading:
How I Reached 100,000 Visitors with These 7 Rules

 Razor Social

I talked about Ian Cleary’s blog on our last episode of the Pushing Social Podcast. Ian’s blog is my go-to resource when I want to check out or vet new social media tools. They are the technologists of social media and they are darn good at it.

Worth reading:
Social Media Tool Trends

 Social Media Examiner

Looking to get your social media education? Look no further than Social Media Examiner. Michael Stelzner has put together a digital magazine with the most complete round up of how-to social media articles on the web. You’ll find fantastic articles across the spectrum of social media from their team and a bevy of smart guest authors.

Worth reading:
How to Measure Your Social Media ROI Using Google Analytics

 Social Media Explorer

As the author of No Bullshit Social Media, Jason Falls’ blog follows a similar theme — he doesn’t mess around. He gets straight to the point and often tackles tough issues on his blog. He and SME President Nichole Kelly are smart folks worth following.

Worth reading:
How to Separate Strategies from Tactics


One of the things I love most about SocialMouths is that the site is just so darn beautiful. Yes, the content is fantastic. But, Francisco Rosales does a great job of presenting the information in a eye-catching
 way. He breaks up the content with original images and graphics — something that you don’t often see. He knows how to use visual content to his benefit!

Worth reading:
After 1.5 Million Posts Analyzed, Here is the Perfect Facebook Post

 Spin Sucks

Not only is Gini Dietrich’s blog, Spin Sucks, one of the best PR blogs on the web, it’s also a heck of a lot of fun! Gini and her team give super-smart advice about integrated communications and stay on top of the news and trends in the PR industry. And her blog community (aka “the crazies”) is one of the most vibrant and fun comment sections I’ve seen!

Worth reading:
The Five Communications Trends for 2015

 Six Pixels of Separation

Mitch Joel is scary smart. I mean that in the best possible way. Every time I read his content or listen to his podcast, the ideas that come from it roll around in my head for days as I try to process it. And that’s a good thing. Mitch takes ideas in new directions and makes you think. I love that.

Worth reading:
The Instagram That You Hardly Know

 The Sales Lion

Marcus Sheridan successfully built his swimming pool company by using inbound marketing. He started The Sales Lion to share what he’s learned. Because he’s been in the trenches with content marketing for his own business, his advice is proven and practical. Not to mention, Marcus is a super-nice guy and a fantastic speaker!

Worth reading:
How to Powerfully Prioritize Your Content Marketing Calendar for 2015 and Beyond

Your Favorite Marketing Blogs

Do you read any of these blogs? I’d love to know if you do.
 If you don’t, I definitely recommend adding them to your reading list for 2015.

And, if you have other marketing blogs you love that aren’t on this list, I encourage you to share them in the comment section. I’m always looking for new and interesting blogs to check out.

Who knows, maybe your suggestion will make my list in 2015!

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Laura Click

Laura Click

Laura Click is brand strategist, speaker, podcaster and the founder of Blue Kite. Learn more about Laura and her work at Blue Kite.

12 replies on “Top 20 Digital Marketing Blogs of 2014”

So good to see you here, Gloria! I think I would start with Social Media Examiner. While they do have quite a bit of advanced content as well, they offer great tutorials on almost anything you’d like to know about social media. If you’re looking for overall marketing content, Duct Tape Marketing would be another great option. John writes in a way that’s very easy to understand and he does a good job of giving useful, practical advice. I hope this helps!

One of my daily “must reads” is Seth Godin’s blog. I’ve been reading Seth faithfully since Mark Schaefer told me about the blog. I mean if Mark is a fan then I pay attention. Seth can write a 50 word post or a 500 word treatise but they almost always hit me in some meaningful way. They make me think. They make me critique “me”. The post that impacted me the most was “Goals, strategy and tactics for change” on 12/06/24.”

Laura a brilliant listing! Thank you! Mitch Joel is my hero. I live in the Kansas City area so John Jantsch / Duct Tape Marketing is literally a living legend in these parts. Love Michael Hyatt’s blog as well as his amazing book: Platform. I subscribe to the minds of these brilliant, generous people. I’d like to place a shout-out to these remarkable blog authors who aren’t on your prestigious list: Ann Handley (and her great book, Everybody Writes), Dorie Clark (author of Reinventing YOU), and David Meerman Scott (Web Ink Now blog and author of The New Rules of Sales & Service).

Have a joyous and blessed holiday season! Before I go, I can’t resist: M-I-Z …

Hi Tony,

Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you. Great additions to the list. I also love Ann Handley’s stuff and MarketingProfs is great. I’ve already been called out on missing that one on this list! 😉 David Meerman Scott is another great one. I’ve read some of Dorie’s articles on HBR, but haven’t read her blog. Great addition! I’ll have to check hers out. Thanks for that recommendation.

Also, it seems you’ve discovered I’m a fellow Missouri native (I grew up an hour east of KC). Did you go to Mizzou too? Z-O-U!

Hi Laura. I wish I did go to Mizzou (drat). My sister, brother-in-law, and three closest friends from St. Louis are Tigers. I love the Columbia, MO campus. Even though, I live in the heart of Jayhawk Nation, I root for for Black & Gold!

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