Where Should You Promote Your Social Media Efforts?

Last week, I had the pleasure of connecting in person with Twitter friend, Mark Schaefer, over lunch at Urban Flats in Nashville. (Mark blogs about this here — check it out).

When the check arrived at the end of lunch, we both noticed the business card that accompanied the check — it promoted the restaurant’s social media sites (see above). We both agreed that this was a smart way to let patrons know where to find the restaurant online.

For businesses that are using social media, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to best connect with your customers online. While it may seem counterintuitive, the best place to let customers know about your Twitter or Facebook profile is outside of social media itself. In other words, instead of looking for your customers on social media Web sites, go to where your current customers already are — in your store or on your Web site.

Here are some suggested places to promote your social media efforts:

  • Web site. While this is a bit of a no-brainer, it’s important to provide prominent links on your Web site to your social media pages. This gives Web site visitors easy access to the information and helps draw attention to your efforts.
  • Business cards. Business cards are about connecting. Use them to share links to your social media profiles. Worried about having enough space on the card? Ditch the fax number and only include links to the social media sites you use most.
  • E-mail signatures. Encourage employees to include social media profiles in their e-mail signature. If employees don’t use social media, encourage them to include links to the company’s pages.
  • Product packaging. Find clever ways to include social media information in your product packaging. Retail establishments could incorporate their usernames on custom shopping bags and tissue paper. If you ship items, include a note card or sticker with the information. There are plenty of ways to be creative with this.
  • Checkout counter. Post a small sign by the check-counter to remind patrons that they can receive discounts and other important information by following you on Twitter of Facebook. If you run any regular specials via social media, this would be a great place to advertise that.
  • Collateral materials. From direct mail pieces to brochures, be sure to include your social media usernames as part of your company’s contact information. Not only does this let clients and customers know how to connect with you, it positions your business as being on top of communications trends.
  • E-letters. Does your company send an e-letter to clients? If so, this is a perfect place to let your customers know they can connect with you via social media.

How do you promote your social media efforts? Have you seen any interesting ways of promoting social media?

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2 replies on “Where Should You Promote Your Social Media Efforts?”

Definitely a business if wants to stay on sm then it will have to experiment. In
 where the sm has not gone to a level like US but it is moving fast. Seen lot of brands now when they are promoting ads on TV they do make a point to mention about their social presence. However signs at checkout
 is quite cool :D. Thanks for the lovely tips 🙂

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