In Business Today, the Sharers Win

This is a guest post I wrote for Bill Seaver‘s blog, Microexplosion. Bill is a social media consultant who I have the pleasure of knowing. He’s a great guy and has a smart blog. I encourage you to check it out.

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In the business world, it’s not uncommon to see competing companies develop an almost adversarial relationship with each other. With the fierce battle for clients comes increased distrust and distaste for the competition.

Although this environment still exists in some businesses, we are starting to see a shift in how freelancers, solopreneurs and cloud-based firms are operating. Instead of viewing competitors as the enemy, these groups commonly develop relationships with each other to share ideas and challenges.

Owning a business can be isolating. Even if you have employees, it can be lonely at the top. That’s why the sharing mentality is so valuable. Perhaps it seems counter-intuitive, but the more you share, the more you win.

To continue reading, check out the full post on the Microexplosion blog.

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