How the Nashville Ballet Increased Ticket Sales Using Social Media

Today, I’m exited to share a couple of videos that discuss how the Nashville Ballet reached out to bloggers to exponentially increase their tickets sales for Peter and the Wolf, a children’s ballet.

The last time the Nashville Ballet performed a children’s ballet, they only sold 100 tickets. This year’s show is a little more than a week away and they’ve already sold 600 tickets!

My friend, Jan Morrison, Public Relations & Publicity Manager for the Nashville Ballet, explains how this promotion worked and why it was successful.

In the second video, Jan discusses how they reached out to social media influencers to help sell tickets to their Director’s Choice series that is happening over Valentine’s Day weekend. I was lucky enough to be invited to a preview of the show and it was AMAZING!

Check out the videos to learn how Jan and the team at the Nashville Ballet were able to use blogger and social media outreach to generate ticket sales. And, right below these videos, there is a special surprise for readers of this blog!

Blue Kite Interviews Nashville Ballet–Peter & the Wolf

Blue Kite Marketing Interview with Nashville Ballet–Director’s Choice

Remember how I talked about a special surprise? Well, here it is! As Jan mentioned in the video, readers of Blue Kite Marketing get a special 20 percent discount on tickets to the Director’s Choice show that is taking place February 11 – 13. You can get the discounted tickets here or by clicking the banner below. I hope you’ll check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

Nashville ballet - 20 percent discount offer

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