Should You Change Your Social Media Strategy? {Podcast}

Should You Change Your Social Media Strategy?

I’ve got some big news for you today.

I’m really excited to announce that I have joined my good friend, Stan Smith, as co-host on the Pushing Social Podcast!

In addition to being a good friend and colleague, Stan is the founder and managing director of Pushing Social, a content marketing and social media consultancy. Not to mention, his blog has been named one of the Top 10 Social Media blogs two years in a row!

Stan’s content is top notch. That’s why I’m thrilled to join him on the Pushing Social Podcast.

Rifles or Shotguns: Which Social Media Strategy
 is Better?

We just published our first episode together and
 I don’t want you to miss it!
 In it, we discuss Jay Baer’s recent presentation and blog post — “Why it Might be Time to Completely Change Your Social Media Strategy”.

In this post, Jay recommends that companies should adopt a shotgun approach to social media with more content in more places to reach your intended audience.

Stan and I had a great conversation about whether companies should now employ this concept. Here are just a few things we discussed:

  • Do shotguns really trump rifles when it comes to social media? In other words, does broader distribution on social media beat laser targeting? Which is the best way to get in front of your audience?
  • Social media strategy matters more now than ever. Companies can no longer wing it on social media. We discuss why this is the case and the skills you need to be successful on social media.
  • Is organic social media dead? Organic reach on social media continues to decline. Does that mean social media requires an advertising budget? Should you even bother participating in social media if you’re not willing to pay to play? Or, is social media still more cost effective and effective than other media channel?
  • Repurposing content and why it matters. Social media success requires the ability to re-tool your content and ideas multiple ways. We talk about why this is so important.

Quick Tips

If you read our Liftoff eLetter, you know how I’m a big fan of offering quick tips that you can implement right away.

Stan and I have also added Quick Tips segment on this in the Podcast. We each offer up two things that will help you with your social media marketing efforts.

Here’s what we talked about this week:

  • Laura’s Tip: Discover where your audience hangs out online using tools like Survey Monkey and MailChimp.
  • Stan’s Tip: Use HelloBar to drive email sign-ups.

Pushing Social Shout Out

We also LOVE shining a light on people who are doing great work in the world content marketing and social media that you might not already know about.

Here are our shout outs for this week:

Listen to see why we recommended them.

Listen to the Pushing Social Podcast

Ready to give it a listen? Here you go!

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Also, I encourage you to subscribe to the Podcast so you’ll never miss another fun and informative show like this one.

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Thanks for listening!

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4 replies on “Should You Change Your Social Media Strategy? {Podcast}”

Woohoo! 🙂 This is awesome!

This is a fascinating conversation, and one I know you & I have had, Laura! I loved what you all had to say about the waning “golden age” of social media marketing and blogging and what’s next. I think it is requiring some mindset shifts for all of us, but especially business leaders who understandably love the idea that social is free, quick and simple. Is anything worth doing ever really those three things? That doesn’t mean that that you should throw in the towel. It just means that you should give it the attention & investment it deserves just like any other marketing initiative!

Glad you liked it, Danielle! I’m pretty pumped about it. I always learn from Stan when I talk to him – hopefully, others will too! 🙂

I do think the tides are changing with social media. The “free lunch” of social media is over and it’s time to up the ante and invest even more in it to make it work. It used to be that strategy, time and hustle was all you needed. But, I’m afraid you have to be willing to open up your checkbook too.

As you said, anything worth doing is rarely free!

Thanks for the shoutout, Laura! 🙂 More importantly, congrats on your first podcast! You did great. Such a natural. Looking forward to hearing what you and Stan have in store for the show.

You’re welcome, Sarah! It’s well deserved!!! And, it looks like you might get at least one new client out of it. 🙂

Also, glad to hear you enjoyed the show! We really appreciate your support. 🙂

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