12 Step Recipe for Media Relations Success

Have you ever had something great happen at your company and thought “people should know about this, because it’s such an amazing story?” You want others to know about the great things your employees are doing or how successful your … Continue reading

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Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is Brilliant Marketing

By now, you’ve likely seen the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in your news feed on Facebook or Twitter. But, in case you’ve missed it, here’s the gist: Film a video of yourself getting doused with a bucket of ice water. … Continue reading

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How to Build an Integrated Marketing Plan

When companies call us for marketing help, typically they have one particular issue or pain point. Maybe they need a new website or collateral materials. Or, perhaps they want to get started with blogging and content marketing. Or, they’re looking … Continue reading

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How to Uncover News Story Ideas at Your Organization

Of course you’re proud of your organization. Whether you’re a business owner, non-profit director or any kind of leader in your organization, you want to tell the world about the great work you do and you think media stories are … Continue reading

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Answer One of These 30 Questions to Write Your Next Blog Post

Are you bored with your blog? Do you have the summer doldrums? Or, are you just having trouble coming up with blog post ideas? Whichever camp you might be in, we’ve got something for you today that might help. If … Continue reading

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6 Do’s and Don’ts of Reddit for Marketers

What if I told you there was a thriving social community on the web that had more than 114 million unique users last month? What if I told you that this community is made up of highly engaged young users … Continue reading

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10 Productivity Tips to Help You Work Smarter

A couple of weeks ago, I was meeting with Danielle, one of our team members. During the course of the conversation, we got on the topic of productivity and how to be more efficient with our time. I’m far from … Continue reading

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How Facebook’s Outage Made Me Love Twitter Again

As many of you may know, Facebook experienced a major outage on Friday. And, as people tend to do, we flocked to other social networks to talk about it. In my case, I turned to Twitter to see what folks … Continue reading

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4 Ideas for More Effective Internal Communication

Today, I bring you a post from another addition to our team, Jan Puckett Morrison. Imagine that you have a group of people within your sphere of influence who are interested in your business. They know what you do, want … Continue reading

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Why You Might Not Need a Website After All

During the past several weeks, my husband and I have been in the process of selling our house and buying a new one. Thanks to help from our amazing Realtor, we opted to buy a new construction home from a … Continue reading

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