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Casting a compelling vision is critical for founders to inspiring a winning culture.

How Founders Inspire Winning Cultures

By | June 28, 2016

There’s a running joke in our office that goes something like this: “What is the best way to turn around a company?” “How?” “Three things: install a foosball table, a free “Monster” vending machine, and schedule permanent “Beer Fridays.” All good things, but we know that creating an enduring company... Read More »

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We Want to Hear About Your Company Culture

By | June 21, 2016

If you’ve been reading the Blue Kite blog in the past few months, you may notice that we’ve been talking a lot about company culture – and for good reason. You see, we believe that a strong, intentional company culture is the difference-maker for the world’s most successful companies. But,... Read More »

Lonely man looking out over lake

Founder Loneliness: The Hidden Challenge of Running a Startup

By | May 24, 2016

Today’s culture glamorizes startups. Movies and TV shows often depict the shinier aspects of startup culture – the foosball tables, the fancy parties, the awards and newspaper articles. But what outsiders don’t often see is how difficult the road can be to get there. That’s why 80 percent of startups... Read More »

Startup founders sitting around a table discussing what role marketing should play in a successful startup.

What Startup Founders Should Expect From Marketing

By | May 17, 2016

Since the dawn of the lean startup movement, marketing has held a tenuous position on many founder’s shortlist of priorities. Founders have done their time in companies where marketing sucked up huge budgets without much to show for the expense. Technical founders have endured CMOs that invest heavily in the... Read More »

How to Create a Better Brand Story

How to Tell a Compelling Brand Story That Matters

By | April 12, 2016

Stories have the power to connect with people in a way that few other vehicles can. Stories create understanding by helping us relate an idea to our existing experiences. And the best stories are memorable and easily shared. That’s what makes storytelling such a powerful vehicle for businesses. What is Your... Read More »

Why Marketing Alone Will Not Make Your Business Successful

Why Marketing Alone Won’t Make Your Business Successful

By | March 23, 2016

So many businesses believe this lie… “If only more people knew about our business, we would be in better shape.”  Businesses want to believe they have an awareness problem. After all, awareness is an easy fix. You can buy awareness. But, what you can’t buy is loyalty. Loyalty comes from... Read More »

Can You Be Successful Online Without Social Media?

Can You Be Successful Online Without Social Media? {Podcast}

By | March 16, 2016

Social media has become the go-to marketing channel for many companies because of its ability to reach the masses for a relatively low cost. The accessibility, reach and effectiveness of social media make it a smart choice for many businesses. But, is social media for everyone? Can companies be successful... Read More »

5 Ways To Improve Your Company Culture - Blue Kite Makrketing

5 Ways to Create a Strong Company Culture on a Budget

By | March 14, 2016

If I asked you to tell me the first company that comes to mind when I say, “great company culture,” who would you say? Google? Netflix? Zappos? These companies boast unlimited vacation days, generous severance packages, expansive campuses with on-site fitness centers, cafeterias, laundry services, free meals, nap pods and... Read More »

Defining Your Brand's Core Values

How to Define Your Brand’s Core Values

By | March 07, 2016

Core values are critical to establishing a strong culture at your organization. Why are they so important? Core values communicate what you believe as a company and how you are working together toward a shared vision. This concept is powerful. By articulating what you stand for as a brand, you... Read More »

How to Tell a Deep Story in a Shallow Social Media World - Blue Kite Marketing

How to Tell a Deep Story in a Shallow Social Media World {Podcast}

By | March 02, 2016

Thanks to social media’s success, there has been a land rush to get on board and take advantage of these new and exciting ways to reach your audience. However, in doing so, the social networks have become crowded, noisy places where everyone is yelling louder to get heard above the... Read More »