How Strong is Your Culture? Get a Free Analysis

How would you rate your company’s culture?

If you’re like the people who took our company culture survey, chances are good that you would give your company fairly high marks.

In fact, 55 percent of survey respondents rated their culture as “strong” or “very strong”. However, when you get to specific questions about how companies are doing with their culture, we found there are plenty of areas that require considerable improvement.

For instance, one striking data set showed the huge disconnect between how leaders and employees perceive communication at their organization. Leaders think it’s great, while employees disagree.

We naturally want to give ourselves high marks. But sometimes, our perception doesn’t match reality. That’s why it can be helpful to get an outside perspective to get a clearer picture of the situation.

Measure the Strength of Your Culture

We want to help you get a finger on the pulse of your company’s culture. That’s why we created the Culture Scorecard, a nifty little tool to give you a more accurate read on the strength of your company culture.

The Culture Scorecard is a simple, 10-question quiz that will evaluate your organization’s culture. It will take you less than 2 minutes to complete.

Despite the Scorecard’s simplicity, it’s a powerful tool that identifies how your organization measures up against three key pillars of culture. Once you’ve answered the questions, you’ll get your Culture Score plus recommendations on how to improve your culture based on your specific answers.

We’ve also made it easy for you to log in and get your recommendations at any time. You can also take the score again so you can see how the changes you’ve made at your organization can impact your score. It’s a handy way to benchmark your progress!

The Culture Scorecard will provide:

  • Insights on what you’re doing well;
  • Potential “weak links” in your company’s culture;
  • Recommendations on how to improve based on your specific answers; and
  • A simple way to benchmark progress with your culture.

Get Your Free Culture Analysis

Ready to get your free culture analysis?

Click here to take the Culture Scorecard and get your culture score!

We hope the Culture Scorecard provides some valuable insight to the strength of your culture and offers some insights on how you can improve.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Yeah i would love to take this analysis test for our culture, Our office has made some serious changes in culture, environment and employees so hoping for best output this year.

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