Introducing the new face of People-Powered Learning: Elsie

We are thrilled to share our latest client success story — Virtual Learning Collaborative (VLC), a global virtual training and support provider, has rebranded to Elsie!

The launch of this new brand has been nine months in the making and we are so thrilled to share the result of this work with you.Before and after of the Elsie rebrand.

Our Client’s Challenge

The leadership team at VLC wanted to better represent their growing business and capture more of the market demand for online learning and development. VLC wanted their brand to better match the high-touch, personalized service they provide to their clients. 

VLC knew the importance of enlisting experienced advisors to guide them, which is why they came to our partners at Approach Marketing with their challenge. 

They wanted to improve their brand messaging to set them apart in a crowded market and carry them into the future of their business. However, it was important that they still honored their founders’ legacy in their new brand identity.

Our friends at Approach brought us in to partner on this work and we were up for the task!

Rebranding starts with Brand Strategy

Through our holistic brand strategy process, we discovered what makes VLC truly unique: their personalized, relationship-focused service. 

In an industry where technology and efficiency often overshadow the human touch, VLC’s customized, relationship-focused support stands out. It was clear to us that their high-touch, personalized approach had to be the focal point of their new brand identity. 

That’s how we arrived at their mission statement: “To make virtual learning more human.”

Why VLC Changed their Company Name

VLC wasn’t planning on changing their company name. However, as we worked to define their brand, it became clear that VLC didn’t fully represent our client’s true identity or core values. Plus, the name missed out on a huge opportunity to differentiate themselves in the market and convey a deeper meaning of what they stand for as a business.

Through our brand naming process, we landed on the perfect company name: Elsie. 

Because our client is focused on making learning more human-centered, it made a lot of sense to give the company a human name. The name gives a nod to where they’ve been — Elsie sounds like the “LC” in VLC — while symbolizing where they are heading as a people-focused company.

Elsie feels relatable and familiar and represents “learning collaborative” in a much more subtle way.

Creating a Dynamic Visual Identity

A great brand is nothing without a strong visual identity to match.

We partnered with our talented friends at Honey Creative to design their new logo and visual identity. We chose to give Elsie a mascot named “El” to represent their global team of virtual training producers. Elsie logo with tagline: People-powered learning

The Elsie mascot is cheerful, charming, and caring, just like the personalized service that Elsie provides. El also features a headset — similar to what every facilitator and producer on the team wears. And as it turns out, the Elsie team members see a resemblance to one of their company’s founders! 

And the “i” in the type represents a book on its side to showcase the learning aspect of their work. The yellow tittle in the “i” also suggests a profile or avatar to represent the learner. 

Different colors of the Elsie logo

Everything from the colors, fonts, illustrations and graphics were chosen to showcase the energy, playfulness and relationship-driven approach of this global team.

A Successful internal Launch

Before launching the brand externally, the Elsie team partnered with Approach to create swag boxes to deliver to their global team. 

The surprise boxes were opened together during a virtual launch party. It was incredible to see the reactions from their team members as the new brand was unveiled.

Picture of surprise box with card that says "Who doesn't love surprise packages?"

Members of the team showcased the new brand in their home offices and with their families. The CEO even had her nails down with the visual branding! 

Screenshot of zoom with Elsie team members celebrating the brand launch

We always say to build a brand that you’re proud to have on a t-shirt. The CEO of Elsie took that to the next level with incredible nail art showcasing the new brand! Image of CEO's nails with logo art

Ever since the launch, we’ve seen pictures of team members showcasing the brand swag. The pride and joy in the new brand has been exciting to see!

Bringing the Brand to Life

Branding is only as good as the implementation. That’s why we worked with our partners Honey Creative and New Wave Creative — to build a comprehensive website to showcase the Elsie team, their clients and the incredible work they do.

The site prominently features their new mission, vision and values. Plus, it showcases their leadership team, members of their global production team and testimonials from raving clients elements that were missing from their previous site.

The site is the ultimate representation of who they are as a company. You can check it out here.

We are so excited to finally share this new brand with you!

Congratulations to the Elsie team as they roll out their new brand! With their new brand identity, Elsie is poised to soar to new heights.

We can’t wait to see where this new brand takes them.


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