Should Your Business Avoid Social Media? {Podcast}

Should Your Business Avoid Social Media?

Despite running a digital marketing agency that actively encourages companies
 to use social media, I still believe there are times that it doesn’t make sense for businesses to use social media.

The harsh reality is that not every business is a fit for social.

So, how do you know if social media makes sense for your business? Is social media ever a bad idea?

That’s what Stan and I discuss on this week’s episode of the Pushing Social Podcast. Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Can companies today get away with avoiding social media altogether?
  • Which industries (if any) should steer clear of social media.
  • The characteristics of businesses that aren’t a fit for social media.
  • Are there any social media platforms that are absolute must-haves for businesses?
  • Does selling work on social media or blogs?
  • Is content marketing necessary for a successful social media effort?
  • The one
     instance where a blog isn’t a good idea for businesses.

Quick Tips

Each week, Stan and I also offer up a tactic or tip that you can implement today. Here’s what we talked about this week:

Social Media Shout Out

We also LOVE shining a light on people who are doing great work in the world that you might not already know about. Here are our shout outs for this week:

Laura’s Shout Out – Omaze

Omaze is an organization that offers raffles for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to benefit charities. For instance, right now you could enter to be interviewed by Jon Stewart of The Daily Show! And, the money donated benefits The Mission Continues, an organization that helps veterans adjust to life at home. Follow Omaze at @omaze.

Stan’s Shout Out – The Global Learning Initiative Indiegogo

Shockingly, 250 million kids can’t read, write or do simple arithmetic. This project is giving a $15 million reward to the team that can build software that can teach literacy and numeracy without needing a teacher. Accomplishing this will change the world.

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