Mark Schaefer Discusses Blogging, Social Media & Online Influence

We’re on day three of my “Freedom Week” expert interview series and I’m super excited to have Mark Schaefer on the blog today!

Mark and I have known each other almost two years. And, as we mention in the video, we met through Twitter. I’m glad to call him a colleague and friend.

If you don’t know Mark, he is a prolific blogger at his
 wildly successful blog called {grow}, and he’s a well-known marketing consultant, college professor and an author of two books. His first book, The Tao of Twitter, is a fantastic roadmap for anyone trying to understand how to use Twitter effectively.

His second book, Return on Influence, talks about influence on the social web – how companies are measuring it and how marketers are using it to reach their target market. And, I’m thrilled to say I am a contributor to the book! I really enjoyed getting to help Mark with this project and I can’t wait to read the full book, which comes out in March.

In the interview, we talk about all of this – how businesses can use blogging and social media and how businesses are grappling with the notion of influence on the social web. Mark even talks about how you can improve your Klout score (no kidding!).

It’s great stuff and I’m thrilled Mark took a few minutes to share his thoughts. We had a lot of fun and I hope you get a lot out of this.

We had some technical difficulties, so the video is divided into two pieces. You can check them out below. Or, you can get part one here and you can get part two here.

During the video, we briefly mentioned Social Slam, which is a fantastic social media conference Mark is spearheading in Knoxville on April 27, 2012. I attended last year and I’m going again this year. You won’t find another conference with such a tremendous slate of speakers for such a great value. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

What did you learn from the video? Do you have an key takeaways that you’re going to look into? Any questions for Mark?

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