Is Your Company Creating a Social Media Ghost Town?

Social Media Ghost Town by Tom Fishburn

Last week, I had the honor of writing a guest post for Mark Schaefer‘s blog, Grow. Below is an excerpt of that post. Mark and I met through Twitter. Check him out – he’s a fantastic and smart guy.

* * *

A few months ago, I had the
 pleasure of meeting Mark
for lunch at popular Nashville spot called Urban Flats.
  At the end of our meal, we were impressed to receive a card promoting the restaurant’s Twitter and Facebook profiles with our checks. Certainly, this was a great way to
 invite customers to connect with the restaurant online.

Recently, I visited Urban Flats again and received the same social media promo card. I decided to
 tweet about the great meal I had there with a friend. As a social media enthusiast, I was hoping to hear back from the restaurant. But, instead of a tweet, I heard crickets chirping.

A couple of days later, I checked out the restaurant’s
 twitter page and found they hadn’t updated it in months. What a shame. It’s like sending out invitations to a party at your house, but you’re not home when people show up.

The Urban Flats Twitter page is a prime example of a social media ghost town, and I’m quite confident this isn’t the only of its kind on the web. In fact, I think this is scenario is becoming more common as statistics show that only
 21 percent of Twitter users are active on the site.

To continue reading, check out the full post HERE.

*image credit: Tom Fishburn

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2 replies on “Is Your Company Creating a Social Media Ghost Town?”

Laura, love that you have the sample here but the whole thing over on Mark’s.
Unfortunate that small businesses don’t realize the effort is worth it

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