Is Google Plus Still Relevant for Your Business? {Podcast}

Is Google+ Worth Your Time?

For the past four years, Google has invested heavily in
 Google Plus in an attempt to dethrone Facebook in the social media space. Although Google Plus managed to create pockets of extremely engaged users, the social network never gained mainstream popularity.

And now, in the past few months,
 Google has begun dismantling much of the functionality baked into Google Plus.

For instance, features like Photos and Hangouts have become standalone applications. And a Google Plus profile is no longer required for using Google products.

Do all of these changes signal the death of Google Plus? And does this mean you should abandon the social network?

That’s what we discuss on today’s episode of The Marketing Huddle.

If you’ve been wondering if Google Plus is still worth your time, we’ll help you arrive at some answers in today’s show.

Here is what we discuss:

  • The biggest changes to Google Plus in recent months and what this means for you;
  • The one new feature of Google Plus that could be valuable;
  • How to evaluate if Google Plus is worth your time;
  • The one reason why you might not want to give up on Google Plus entirely; and
  • The importance of testing Google Plus (or any social network) to determine what makes sense for your business.

Listen to the Show

If you’ve got 13 minutes, that’s all it takes to listen today’s short and sweet episode. Give it a listen right here. For show notes and additional resources, check out our post over at The Marketing Huddle.

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