How to Win the Battle for Attention with Ryan Hanley {Podcast}

How to Win the Battle for Attention with Ryan Hanley

One of the biggest challenges for today’s businesses is how to stand out in a digital marketplace that’s crowded and noisy.

Not to mention, the landscape is constantly shifting. What worked a few years ago — or even a few months ago — might not work anymore.

So, how to do you stay ahead of the curve? How do you stand out and find the audience you deserve?

As a former insurance salesman,
 Ryan Hanley knows and understands this challenge firsthand. Now, he has taken what he’s learned from his experience in growing a business online and is teaching others
 how to win the battle for attention online – both through his business, Hanley Media Labs and as Vice President of Digital Marketing for

That’s why Stan and I were thrilled to have him on the podcast this week.

Here are some of the highlights from this week’s show:

  • Ryan’s story about how he got into content marketing and what you can learn from his experience.
  • Why it’s the creators who win. Plus where you should be creating your content to be successful.
  • How to be successful using Google Plus. (Hint: You can just drop a link in there and leave.)
  • Why longer, deeper engagements with your content are meaningful to your brand.
  • Why Ryan is so bullish on podcasting as a content channel and the benefits that podcasting delivers that no other channels offer.
  • Ryan’s predictions for the top three content marketing trends for 2015.

Content syndication is queen

Quick Tips

Instead of sharing our Quick Tips, Stan and I
 turned the mic over to Ryan to share HIS quick tips. He shared two killer tips that involve the two tools below. Listen to hear how he recommends using them.

  • WordSwagmake gorgeous graphics on your phone.
  • Soundcloud — stream audio, including podcast clips or audio for your blog posts.

Social Shout Out

In every episode, we highlight people and businesses
 doing great work with content marketing and social media. Here are two awesome folks we think you should check out:

From the MailBag

We also answered a question from listener, David Gitonga:

“Should I be creating unique visual content, video, infographics, quote
cards, and images, or is writing blogs enough?”

Listen to the Show

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