How to Handle Ambush Interviews

This is an excerpt from a guest post I wrote for Susan Hart’s blog as part of
  #BeMyGuest, which is a month of guest blogging.

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Ambush interviews have long been a weapon in the broadcast journalism arsenal. You know the type — the reporter waits patiently outside the building for the unsuspecting CEO or government official to emerge. While one can argue that this is shoddy journalism, the truth is that this tactic gives reporters get exactly what they were after — a juicy story.

Last week, a local investigative reporter ambushed the County Clerk’s office on a tip about slot machines in the break room to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (no joke). Take a look at this video — it is rife with examples of what not to do:

It goes without saying that shoving a reporter is always a bad idea. But, what would you do if this happened in your office?

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