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Originally, I was reluctant to start blogging. I questioned myself and wondered what I have to offer. In the Internet world, it’s easy to find someone who knows more than you do. However, after attending a conference for fellow court public information officers a few weeks ago, I realized I have more to contribute than I originally thought. The conference was centered on social media, but only a handful of attendees had ever used Facebook and even fewer had a Twitter account. By the final day, it became clear that my colleagues needed a primer, so my colleague, Michael, and I set out to show our fellow PIOs how we have used Twitter and other social media tools effectively. Our impromptu presetation received a positive response and I quickly realized that perhaps other people can learn from my experiences.

Certainly, I realize that there are people who know more about social media, blogging and marketing than me. But, I believe I have a unique perspective to offer. After all, there’s only one me. Where else could you find a marketing professional who has “walked beans” on a central Missouri farm? (Okay, perhaps I’m not the only former farm girl turned marketer out there.)

All of this being said, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that I have something of value to offer. Even though I don’t know you just yet, dear reader, I hope that we will soon become friends. With friends, you can share your thoughts, ideas, desires and dreams. You can share what you’ve learned from successes and failures. You can laugh, and sometimes cry. And from all of this, we grow.

So, pull up a chair. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s start a conversation. My name is Laura and this is my blog. Hello friend!

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