Do you celebrate your customers?

My birthday was a few days ago, but I certainly didn’t expect any pomp and circumstance. I hoped my family and friends would acknowledge it, but that was about it. To my surprise, my boss and co-workers took me out to lunch, gave me some gifts and even had a cake for me back at the office. I certainly didn’t expect it, which is likely why it felt so good.

I think this can easily be applied to business. How often do you celebrate your customers or your employees? It doesn’t have to be much, but a kind, unexpected gesture can go a long way toward fostering relationships both inside and outside of your office walls.

Here are a few ideas for celebrating your customers:

  • Send a handwritten note. In the digital world, it’s rare anyone receives real mail. Give your clients something besides an invoice to open. Letting your customers know that you appreciate their business is so meaningful — especially when you send it “just because.”
  • Celebrate non-traditional holidays. It’s become common practice for businesses to recognize birthdays with coupons or send a Christmas gift, but often those get lost amongst the noise of the many other businesses doing the same thing. Try sending something at Valentine’s Day (i.e. We love our clients!) or sending a note at Thanksgiving to say how grateful you are for their business. Trying something different will help you stand out amongst the crowd.
  • Randomly give freebies. I was at a beauty store the other day and the clerk decided to throw in a couple of free samples for me to try. I didn’t ask, I didn’t redeem any “points”, she just threw in something extra to thank me for coming in. I’ve read about other companies that randomly throw in surprises to orders they ship out. What can you do to make someone’s day?
  • Make them feel fabulous. One of my favorite blogs, Duct Tape Marketing, talked about a fortune cookie moment where his wife found a note in her new coat that read “You are a goddess!” That extra step just earned a loyal customer and gushing advocate. Sometimes the smallest things can make a big impact. What can you do to deliver top-notch service and make every customer feel like a goddess?

In today’s economy, it’s even more important than ever to cherish and celebrate your customers. Make them feel special and they will want to come back and tell others about your business.

What can you do to celebrate your customers today?

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6 replies on “Do you celebrate your customers?”

Great article. I have had a moment similar to that. One morning as I was leaving my apartment complex a member of the grounds crew / complex staff handed me a goody bag full of breakfast stuffs. An apple a thing of yogurt and a few other breakfast type yummy items. This was done on a random thursday and to be honest it did make my week a better one as it had been pretty rough. Just goes to show by going that little extra will get you noticed.

Great article Laura! I believe that this same principle can easily be applied to your work place and colleagues.

I have recently received this really cool catalog in the mail at work.
It focuses on daily recognition for a job well done. Now granted, they are trying to sell the products in the catalog, it made me think… When was the last time a co-worker told me I did a awesome job or vice versa? Have I told my co-worker that I appreciate their extra efforts? I sincerely believe that a little praise will go miles. Taking a few extra seconds to write someone a quick “YOUR AWESOME” note will go a thousand miles the next time you are in a jam and could use a little assistance for that project that needs to be done in under 2 hours.

Check the website out at

Good comments, Amber! You’re right – a little recognition can go a long way. Employees are most likely to perform at a high level when they get the recognition for doing so. It’s human nature!

Great point, Laura! When I think of how I have been treated as a client or a customer, I have several memorable experiences – both good and bad. Treating people well is essential; it fosters good will, loyalty, and the all-important word-of-mouth advertising.

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