Answer One of These 30 Questions to Write Your Next Blog Post

Are you bored with your blog? Do you have the summer doldrums?

Or, are you just having trouble coming up with blog post ideas?

Whichever camp you might be in, we’ve got something for you today that might help.

If you’ve ever been interviewed by a reporter or participated in a question and answer session, you know that it’s easy to talk about your area of expertise when prompted.

You just need someone to ask the questions. Today, we’ll serve that role for you.

Pretend we’re the reporter or interviewer.
 We’ve got a list of questions ready for you.

Just pick one of these questions to answer and start writing or filming.

We promise you’ll have a new blog post ready in no time.

Ready to get started? Let the blog interview begin!

30 Questions to Prompt Your Next Blog Post

Educational Posts

  • What common question or pain point can you address for customers?
  • What is one tip you can give your audience that will make their lives better or easier?
  • Can you offer a step-by-step guide, tutorial, video or SlideShare for a common issue your audience faces?
  • Do you have a top-secret tip that you can share with your audience?
  • What are common mistakes you see and how can you help people avoid them?

Thought Leadership Posts

  • What common misconception or perception do you want to change for your business or industry?
  • What is a question that others in your industry are too afraid to answer?
  • Why does your company approach an issue differently than everyone else in your industry?
  • How can you offer a different perspective on a popular topic?

News / Industry

  • How does a prominent national story relate to your community or industry?
  • Is there something happening in your industry that your audience needs to know about?
  • Is there a new law or regulation that you can break down into something that’s easy for your audience to understand?
  • Are you seeing a certain trend happening that will affect your industry or your customers?

Humanizing Posts

  • How was your company founded? What is unique about your history?
  • Do you have photos or videos from a recent event that you can share?
  • Do you have a new employee that you can introduce?
  • Does someone on your team have a great story he or she could share?
  • How can you go behind the scenes to give you audience a glimpse of what you do? (Hint: Photos and vidoes are great for this.)

Buying Decision Posts

  • What information can you provide to help your prospects or customers make a buying decision?
  • Do you have a new product or service to introduce?
  • How does your product or service compare to competitors?
  • How does your product or service solve your customer’s problem?
  • What is a unique way your product or service could be used?

Case Studies

  • What are some examples of other customers you’ve helped? Do you have success stories you can share?
  • What are some examples of other companies doing a great job?

Certainly, there are hundreds of other questions we could ask. But this list should give you a good place to start. And, if you’re ever stuck, you can come back to this list to give you some inspiration.

What do you think? Did this help you get your creative juices flowing?

Which question are you going to tackle? Let us know in the comments!

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2 replies on “Answer One of These 30 Questions to Write Your Next Blog Post”

Great writing! I can’t agree more with the buying part. What makes people buy from you compared to thousands of blogs out there?

For me, Providing value is important. If people is doing A, provide more than just ‘A’ and you are going to gain trust from there!

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your comment, Reginald! You’re right – talking about what makes you different is certainly something that should be woven through everything you do, including your blog. You don’t want to make your blog one massive sales pitch, but comparing your company to your competitors can help potential buyers see why they should choose YOU!

Thanks again for stopping by!

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