4 ideas for a regular video series – you choose!

Over the past few months, I’ve put my toe in the water with adding more video posts to the blog. After doing a few of them, I’ve gotten some positive feedback from you (thanks, Erica Allison!) and I’m considering making video a regular part of my blogging repertoire.

But, in order to do that, I need your help. I want to make sure that these videos are useful to you and something you WANT to see on a regular basis, likely on Fridays.

I have a few ideas (four to be exact) of a regular, recurring video series for the blog and I would love your thoughts about what you would like to see. Check out the video below (or click here to see the video if you’re viewing this in your reader or email) to see my ideas.

If you need a refresher here are the ideas:

Tell me what you think – what kind of video content would you like to see from me on a regular basis? Okay – the floor is all yours!

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13 replies on “4 ideas for a regular video series – you choose!”

YAY! Laura, what a great idea.
 I actually heard a tag line there at the end:
 “This is Laura and I’m listening!” 🙂
My Friday video series started with a theme of Small Business Marketing Moments.
 I have stuck to it for the most part, but I also give myself liberties and if I feel like wrapping a FF in there, I do.
 If I feel like talking about some trend for that week, I do.
 What I did to make that all work was tie it back to my goal of offering small biz marketing tips.
 You could start by zeroing in on the why for you and then wrap in the other topics into that!
 Sort of like, this is Laura and I’m listening!
 In other words, this is what I heard this week (trends); this is something I’ve been asked to test (tips and tricks); this is something I believe in (FF); and then obviously I’m listening to your questions and here’s my answer!

Seems like I just told you to do them all, didn’t it? 🙂 I think if you like all the topics you’re offering, you can figure out a way to make them all work together and rotate them through…

Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!
 And thanks for the mention! xoxo

Hi Erica – Thanks for all the encouragement and the thoughtful response. I really appreciate your support!

Yes, I’ve thought about doing something that rotates, that way I can do what fits my fancy that week. Though, I think there is some value in doing something consistently. For instance, I think the questions likely work best if it’s a recurring thing. I’m sure
 gets more Facebook questions because she does it every week. I think the others would be much easier to rotate.

I’ll be interested to see what others say. Thanks for the encouragement to do more video and helping me think through this!

So long as you keep it regular, you could do pretty much anything you are game for.
Gertie does her on “facebook” but you could do a question or follow or why not all of the above?

Thanks for weighing in, Todd. I’ve definitely thought about making it be a mixed bag based on whatever I felt like doing that week, but wanted to see what everyone thought. Looks like y’all are game for anything! 😉

Hi, Laura! I also had a hard time choosing just one. I imagine one day you’d have something you want to get out there, and it wouldn’t be on topic, but you’d do it anyway, you know? If you don’t tie yourself to one topic you don’t have to do the whole, “I know I normally do a vlog on [blank], but today I just have to say…”

So: third vote for all of them!

Hi Shakirah! Thanks for stopping by to weigh in. Sounds like everyone is loving the mixed bag! I’ve definitely been toying with that, but wanted to see if there was a strong preference for a regular series. It looks like there isn’t…at least so far.

It makes me wonder if I should abandon the idea of a weekly video and simply doing it when the topic and inspiration to do video hits. Thoughts?

My comment will probably go against the grain, but here goes:

I tend to be more of a “free spirit” when it comes to posting, whether video blog or written blog.
  I know that consistency is a word that is used constantly, and I understand the reasons and rationale behind consistent blogging or vlogging.
  But (and please hold back on throwing tomatoes here), I tend to write when I have something to say and something of value to share, and tend not to be constrained by a topic schedule. There; I said it.
  You can now start throwing tomatoes.

There are just soooo many sites doing regular features, especially on Fridays, that it’s really difficult (almost impossible) to keep up with them all.
  So I kind of like a “spice” approach: a bit of this, a sprinkle of that, as opportunities, circumstances and the writing (or vlogging) muse strikes.

Does that mean I don’t believe in schedules? No. It does mean that I’m just not a big fan of HAVING to schedule
  regularity in types or topics.
  So here’s my Renaissance woman, free spirit suggestion:
  Vlog when the spirit moves you, on the topics most relevant to your readers.
  Mine might not be a popular comment, but it’s my true voice…and that’s the only voice I bring to everything I do and say.

No tomatoes coming from me, Kaarina! I actually love your thoughts on this. While I do think consistency is important on a blog (after all, the more you write, the better you get & more benefit you give to your readers), I do think there’s something to writing and doing what feels best at the moment.

The more I think about it, I’m not sure I want to do a regular video series, but will just keep video as a possible option to throw in every now and then. If I do decide to do post videos, it might just be a mixed bag as you suggest. I appreciate the alternate perspective that perhaps sticking with a
 might not always be best for me OR my readers. Thanks for helping me think through this!

Laura! I love your first vlog. You are a natural.

I like the FF4Good idea… question: how will you find these? Can we recommend non-profits that can be promoted through your blog. I ask that from my own selfish need to promote my toastmasters club in Franklin, and other good initiatives I have come across around here that I feel is not getting the spotlight it needs.

Rest are good ideas too. Its a great start and I look fwd to them.


Hey Raj! Thanks for the kind words. This isn’t my first vlog, but I haven’t done that many yet. I’m just trying to decide how, and if, to incorporate them more often. Although I like the idea of doing #FF4Good for the video posts, I’m not sure that’s the route I’m going to take. I’ll still continue to recommend charities on Twitter using that hashtag, but am re-thinking the idea of a blog post centered around that. We’ll see.

That said, if you have a charity or worthy cause you want to bring attention to, let me know and I’ll tweet it out on Fridays using the hashtag. And feel free to use the hashtag yourself – I would love to see more people use that hashtag to help spread some good!

Hi Laura,

I’m a new subscriber and I love what I see here.
  I’m really enjoying exploring your blog!

I would like to cast a vote for “Quick tip of the week” via video.

I can’t speak for your loyal readership, but my readers are a “grab it and go” kind of crowd.
  Everyone seems to be in a big hurry these days, wouldn’t you agree?
  And as far as videos, many entrepreneurs tell me they don’t care to sit through a video that’s longer than 3 minutes — most prefer 2 minutes or less in length.

Having said that …

A quick, valuable, implementable tip would be my first choice and I believe others would benefit from that, as well.


Hi Melanie – Thanks for the kind words and for subscribing! I appreciate it.

Glad you like the quick tip of the week idea! I do too. I think people are looking for ways to take action and this would certainly be one way to do to. You’re right most folks only want to see a 2-3 minute video at most. I know I don’t have the time (or attention) to watch something longer than that unless I know it will be really good!

Thanks for the vote! It might just be a mixed bag for now to get a sense of what people like. There are a lot of differing opinions!

You’re quite welcome for the kudos, Laura — well deserved.

You’ll most definitely get a “mixed bag” of responses since you’re offering four excellent and distinct choices.
  Every one of your loyal readers will have their “favorite”.
  I don’t envy you.

I’ll be anxious to see which one you ultimately decide on!

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