32 Topic Ideas for Your Next Blog Post

Having trouble coming up with a topic for your next blog post?

You’re not alone.

It can be challenging to write good content on a consistent basis, which is why so many blogs fizzle out over time.

Don’t let that be you.

To help you get your juices flowing, here are 32 topics ideas to trigger your imagination for your next blog post:

  • Share how or why you started your business.
  • Share a time you failed and why.
  • Share a time you succeed and why it worked.
  • Give a behind-the-scenes look at how your business works or how your product is made (bonus points for using photos and video).
  • Show a day-in-the-life of an employee.
  • Give a step-by-step guide for something.
  • Provide tips on what NOT to do.
  • Show unique or unusual ways your product has been used.
  • Tell success stories about those who have used your services.
  • Surprise readers with something unexpected.
  • Share something funny, fun or completely unrelated to your business.
  • Offer insights about latest trends and where your industry is going.
  • Debunk myths about your industry or your business.
  • Take a stand on a controversial issue.
  • Create a contest — reward the best comment, photo submission or something else fun to engage your readers.
  • Ask readers to submit questions and answer them on the blog.
  • Write about your most frequently asked questions.
  • Write about who is best suited for your product or service.
  • Write topics related to the time of year.
  • Talk about topics important to your local community.
  • Write a review about the latest book you read.
  • Share a list of your favorite tools, apps or services.
  • Create a list of your favorite blogs or bloggers.
  • Share your favorite articles you read this week.
  • Interview of a client or employee.
  • Interview an expert in an area unrelated to your business, but of value to your clients.
  • Interview people who visit your booth at a trade show.
  • Interview attendees and speakers at the latest conference you attended.
  • Give a sneak peak of your next product or service.
  • Post the slide deck from your latest presentation.
  • Talk about something that inspires you.
  • Share how you overcame a difficult obstacle or challenge.

Did this get your wheels turning? Hopefully, this gave you plenty of fuel to keep your blog moving for the next several weeks.

If you use any of these tips for your next blog post, come on back and share a link to your post in the comments. We’d love to see what you came up with!

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Laura Click

Laura Click

Laura Click is brand strategist, speaker, podcaster and the founder of Blue Kite. Learn more about Laura and her work at Blue Kite.

4 replies on “32 Topic Ideas for Your Next Blog Post”

Nope. This was just a one-time thing. I know a lot of people struggle with this, so I thought I’d share some ideas I’ve jotted down that might help. I do, however, develop blog strategies for people and businesses. But, that is a custom approach.

I think Chris’ blog topics product is a really great option for people who want and need some ongoing fuel for their blog, but don’t have the money to spend on personalized consulting.

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