Raybin & Weissman

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The Background

Raybin & Weissman, a Nashville-based law firm, had worked with two separate companies that used “black hat” SEO practices that negatively impacted the firm’s search engine results and ultimately, leads generated from its
 website. We were hired to work with
 Hollins’ new SEO consultant to build a social media and content marketing strategy to improve search results and increase leads and new cases from the

Our Approach

Building a stronger brand

Through the development of the social media and content strategy, we recognized a glaring problem with the firm’s branding — the logo and messaging didn’t reflect the firm’s prestige and high-caliber attorneys. Not to mention, the firm’s website URL didn’t match the name of the firm due to a
 recent name change.

To better leverage the firm’s content marketing and social media efforts, we started with a re-branding effort to better position the firm as a small, but top-notch group of attorneys.

We followed with a website overhaul to reflect the refreshed brand and to better showcase the firm’s content — especially the firm’s “Hot List,” which offers predictions on Tennessee Supreme Court cases. This popular series is now featured on the homepage of the website and now also offers the ability for attorneys to subscribe to the “Hot List” via email.

Showing the client love

In working with them, we quickly discovered that the clients don’t just like the
 attorneys; they LOVE them — so much so that many clients have turned into friends. Although the firm had previously featured scores of written testimonials on its
 website, we wanted website visitors to see just how enthusiastic clients are about the firm. What resulted was a series of powerful video testimonials with clients talking about how the attorneys at
 Raybin & Weissman have made a difference in their lives.

The Results

Since launching the website and ramping up their content and social media efforts in July 2013, website traffic and leads have continued to increase. Website visitors are also staying on the site longer and viewing more pages than the previous site.

Most importantly, the firm recently had a record month for the total number of new cases and for the total number of new cases generated through the website. Most recently, it
 has seen a 112% increase in monthly leads generated from the website and a 55% monthly increase in overall new cases.

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Services Used:

Social media strategy development

  Brand development (logo re-design, stationary package, messaging)

  Website re-design

  Client testimonial and attorney profile videos

  Ongoing blog management and social media consulting

What the Client Says

I have had the pleasure of working with Laura Click and the team at Blue Kite Marketing for over two years. During that time, I have come to know Laura and her staff as consummate professionals. Laura’s efforts in branding and marketing my law firm directly lead to an increased presence on the internet, which translated into financial success. Ms. Click is very creative and proactive. Additionally, she is very detail- oriented and diligent. In the world of marketing and public relations, that is a combination that is hard to find in my experience. It is my pleasure to provide Blue Kite Marketing with an unequivocal recommendation of the highest order.

David Weissman
Partner, Hollins, Raybin & Weissman

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See More Projects

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Hollins Raybin & Weissman

Refreshed lawfirm website generates more leads

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National Pro Fastpitch

Social media training

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EZR Management

Updated management website and marketing

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Website redesign and social media marketing


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