Laura Click

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From growing crops to growing businesses.

Laura isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get the job done. She learned to embrace hard work tending to cattle and “walking beans” on her family farm in central Missouri.

She eventually traded in the crops for a computer when she left for the Missouri School of Journalism, but the work ethic she learned on that farm is never far behind. Now, instead of beans, she grows businesses as the Founder and CEO of Blue Kite Marketing.

Whether she’s training for her next marathon or crafting a strategic marketing plan, Laura always dreams big. Nothing gets her excited like making dreams a reality for her clients, from Fortune 500 companies to small non-profits. That’s why she’s been called one of Social Media’s 70 Rising Stars.

A writer at heart, Laura loves creating content for the Blue Kite Marketing blog, which has been recognized as one of Nashville’s top business blogs and as a top content marketing blog from Junta42. She also writes about social media for the Nashville Business Journal
and contributed to Mark W. Schaefer’s book, Return on Influence.

When Laura isn’t cheering on her clients as they achieve their goals, she’s rooting for the Missouri Tigers as the founder of the Nashville alumni chapter. Or she’s hanging out with her husband Garth and chocolate lab Bailey, hopefully with a hot cup of coffee or frosty beer within reach.

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