Why You Should Write Handwritten Notes

Today, I bring you a guest post from Drew Blanc.

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I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m an addict. I should be forced to sit down at a twelve step meeting and awkwardly introduce myself to others jonesing for the written word. We should be sitting in a circle staring at the floor with stale doughnuts and weak coffee bubbling near the door.

I’m a letter addict. But I can stop anytime I want. I just don’t want to.

And I shouldn’t have to.

I’ve taken my desire, my passion, my need to write and applied it to the businesses I’ve worked with over the last few years.

What I’ve found is that even the most business hardened CEO loves to get a handwritten note. It can be something as simple as saying thanks for doing business.

Hand written notes are nearly unheard of in our world of instant messaging, emailing and texting. And while the speed and efficiency of those means of communication make them an excellent, if not vital, means of business communication, they lack the real human interaction and feel of a hand written note.

There are several situations in which a handwritten note is the perfect business plan. Some examples include

  1. Give thanks. After you’ve worked with a client, send them a thank you note. This lets them know that you enjoyed working with them, and you’d like to again sometime. It also sets you apart from any other thank you notes that likely came as emails.
  2. Following introductions.
    FoIf you’ve met a perspective client or partner when you’re not quite in ‘business mode.’ Maybe a mutual friend introduced you at a party or a coffee shop and you weren’t quite ready to sell yourself. Not to worry, a simple, handwritten letter will show that you’ve invested enough time and energy into them before any work was even discussed.
  3. Apologies.
    Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this, but sometimes, mistakes happen. If you or your business has dropped the ball with a customer, send them a letter. It’ll show that you care. It’ll show that they are more than just a business transaction to you and it’ll be your best chance to get them back as a customer.
  4. Holidays.
     Holidays offer the perfect opportunity to show people you care. Valentines Day is right around the corner. And while giving chocolates to your clients is nice, a handwritten letter is a more personal (and cost effective!) way to show some love to clients and business partners.
  5. Celebrations & life events.
    Celebrating events in a client’s life can be a simple, yet meaningful way to tell them you care. Sending a birthday card, an anniversary note, maybe even a mother’s day card for a client who is also a new mom. These seemingly small actions speak volumes.

There’s no better time than the present to start writing letters, to friends, to colleagues, to clients and of course to family. Everyone loves the feel of open an envelope that isn’t a bill. And, if all goes well, it’ll lead to more business.

Do you ever write handwritten notes? How do you incorporate personal touches like this into your business communications?

Drew BlancBorn and raised in Mark Twain’s neck of the woods, Drew Blanc grew an appreciation for literature at a young age. He has worked with small businesses and startups for several years and is now following his true passion, writing for Pensxpress.com


Image credit: Lisa Yarost

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