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How to Create the Right Environment for a Winning Culture

By | June 29, 2016

When people talk about company culture, it’s easy to default to thinking about the office environment. After all, it’s the most tangible aspect of culture. And, it’s why culture often becomes synonymous with Foosball tables and nap pods. But those “shiny objects” are not enough to establish a strong culture... Read More »

Casting a compelling vision is critical for founders to inspiring a winning culture.

How Founders Inspire Winning Cultures

By | June 28, 2016

There’s a running joke in our office that goes something like this: “What is the best way to turn around a company?” “How?” “Three things: install a foosball table, a free “Monster” vending machine, and schedule permanent “Beer Fridays.” All good things, but we know that creating an enduring company... Read More »

5 Ways To Improve Your Company Culture - Blue Kite Makrketing

5 Ways to Create a Strong Company Culture on a Budget

By | March 14, 2016

If I asked you to tell me the first company that comes to mind when I say, “great company culture,” who would you say? Google? Netflix? Zappos? These companies boast unlimited vacation days, generous severance packages, expansive campuses with on-site fitness centers, cafeterias, laundry services, free meals, nap pods and... Read More »

Defining Your Brand's Core Values

How to Define Your Brand’s Core Values

By | March 07, 2016

Core values are critical to establishing a strong culture at your organization. Why are they so important? Core values communicate what you believe as a company and how you are working together toward a shared vision. This concept is powerful. By articulating what you stand for as a brand, you... Read More »

How Corporate Culture Impacts Marketing - Blue Kite Marketing

How a Strong Company Culture Dramatically Improves Your Marketing

By | February 08, 2016

I have long been interested in the power and importance of developing a strong company culture. Throughout my career, I always looked for ways to improve the culture at the places I worked. I firmly believed that a happy, engaged and motivated workforce would produce better work. There are plenty... Read More »

10 Proven Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out From Competitors

10 Proven Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out From Competitors

By | July 20, 2015

If you’re a business owner, you’ve undoubtedly heard the statistics around business failure rates. Only 50 percent of businesses make it past the first five years and one-third make it past the 10-year mark. Although there are plenty of reasons why businesses fail, lack of differentiation is one that often... Read More »

Defining Your Company’s Core Values (And Why It Matters)

Defining Your Company’s Core Values (And Why It Matters)

By | November 10, 2014

When I walked into my favorite local coffee awhile back, I spotted this lovely little sign at the counter. I mentioned it to the baristas and they said they’ve had the sign for months, but the reposition it throughout the shop so people get a pleasant surprise when they discover... Read More »

A is for Attitude: Creating a Positive Office Culture

By | January 11, 2010

It is more important now than ever for business owners and leadership to focus on office culture. This post highlights some tips for creating a positive work environment.