Steve Woodruff

messaging, logo design and website

The Challenge:

Communications speaker, trainer, and author Steve Woodruff sought our expertise to refresh his personal brand. Steve needed to distill his brand narrative, roll out a new visual identity and launch a new website in time for his second book’s release.

Our Approach:

Our strategy process delved into what makes Steve unique. The outcome was clear core messaging to truly represent how he helps his clients win.

Because we started with messaging, we were able to take Steve’s logo beyond a simple monogram to play on the theme "win at work." The result is a clever combination of Steve’s initials and a symbol that represents the very thing he helps clients do.

We carried Steve’s new branding through a website launch. We handled everything from writing all the website copy to designing the new website from start to finish.

Steve Woodruff SW logo
Tagline graphic saying "find your focus, make it clear, win at work."
Steve Woodruff - Win at Work icon
Steve Woodruff photo along side his logo
Steve Woodruff SW star pattern
The result:

Now, Steve has an elevated, differentiated brand that truly sets him apart. He’s received compliments on his website from business partners and colleagues, with one commenting: “After looking at this site, I would expect to pay a significant sum to engage Steve Woodruff.” That’s music to our ears.

“The entire Blue Kite team was clearly invested in my success. Everyone went above and beyond to give me the emotional support and cheerleading I needed to step up on a bigger stage. Thanks to their creativity and expertise, they helped me focus my message and transform my visual identity to help me stand out front. Now, I finally have a brand and a website that I feel good about and I’ve gotten great feedback ever since it launched.”

— Steve Woodruff

Steve Woodruff SW logo mark

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