Mamaya Health

Messaging, Name Development, logo design, and website

The Challenge:

Nashville Collaborative Counseling Center was launching a new specialty practice dedicated to maternal mental health. Starting from scratch, they needed comprehensive brand development — messaging, naming, and a visual brand identity. This new brand had to resonate with pregnant & postpartum women seeking counseling, as well as appeal to prospective counselors to meet their rapid recruitment goals.

Our Approach:

We focused the messaging around the theme, “moms matter too,” a rallying cry for women and mothers to get the mental health support they need. From there, we created the name, Mamaya Health, by combining two words — “Mama” and Maya, which means “beautiful mother” in Greek.

These themes carried through to the visual identity, with a design showcasing the beauty and complexity of motherhood. The one-of-a-kind, handmade logo features a larger bloom representing the mother, a smaller flower symbolizing the child, and an unopened bud in honor of those journeys that never fully blossomed.

The result:

Mamaya Health’s launch was a resounding success. Their differentiated brand has resonated with prospective therapists, helping them recruit aggressively for their growing practice. Mamaya Health is distinctive in the field of maternal mental health, and they’re now poised to expand in new markets.

We were completely blown away by Blue Kite’s creativity and ability to produce a heartfelt representation of our vision. As our company ventures into new markets, Blue Kite equipped us with a fresh and engaging brand design that accurately represents our core values and builds an instant connection with our key demographic. 

We were immediately able to implement Blue Kite’s designs for our new website, and the responses from our customers and staff have been overwhelmingly positive. The excellence of Blue Kite’s deliverables surpasses anything we could have imagined, and reflects Blue Kite’s passion for ensuring that their customers are poised for success. We are truly ecstatic with the result!”

— Amy Green, Founder & CEO of Mamaya Health

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