Founder-Inspired Culture

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Discover How to Turn Your Culture into a Competitive Advantage

Imagine leading an organization that perfectly expresses your beliefs and purposes. What could your team accomplish if they understood the mission and used their talents to accomplish it?

This is the dream of every founder.

As founders, we understand how lonely it gets when you feel like you are the only one who “gets” the vision. We’re convinced that companies fail because they lack a Founder-Driven culture – not because they didn’t have the right shiny widget.

So, the core question is:

How can you build a world-class organization driven by your vision and beliefs?

We believe Founder-Driven Culture is the answer.

How To Build Your Founder-Driven Culture

Step #1: Uncover Your “Core Why”

The Founder has the vision, passion and special spark that rallies talented teams and individuals. This why we start with the Founders first – because an intentional culture starts with you.

Our goal is to clarify the your “Core Why”. The Core Why is what drives you to take incredible risks, sacrifice all of your time and push yourself to exhaustion. The Core Why describes the impact your organization will make if it succeeds.

We’ve learned that every successful business finds the genesis of its greatness in the Founder’s Core Why.

We’ll work with you to uncover (or dust off) yours.

Step #2: Understand the Opportunity

You’re here because you see a gap between your vision and the organization you lead.
 We will help you understand what drives your team. We’ll also pinpoint the areas that need immediate attention.

While the gap can be frustrating, we see it as an opportunity for you to quickly change the direction of the organization to one that better aligns with your vision and values.

Step #3: Create the Culture Plan

Successful cultural leadership requires both insight and careful attention to detail.
 Culture can accelerate your company’s success if everyone understands how day-to-day decisions flow from your “Core Why.”

We’ll work closely with you and your leadership team to create a tightly choreographed cultural strategy and implementation plan. No stone will be left unturned. Together we’ll weave your “Core Why” into the DNA of the organization.


Click here to provide us with your contact information. We’ll coordinate a time for a quick “chemistry” check to make sure that the Blue Kite Culture makes sense for you. We’ll also discuss next steps if you agree to move forward.
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