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Create a Simple Social Media Plan in 5 Steps

Although social media is no longer in its infancy, there are still businesses that have yet to get on board. Before companies get started with social media, it’s important to lay the proper foundation for your efforts. However, creating a … Continue reading

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Who is REALLY a social media expert?

A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking at an organization’s conference about using social media. At the end of my talk, I received a question I didn’t expect: “How do we find the REAL social media experts? How do … Continue reading

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Public Relations vs. Marketing – What’s the Difference?

A few weeks ago, I spoke at a local networking event about entrepreneurship. I shared the story of my business and how I got started. After the event, a woman came up to me something I didn’t expect: “What’s the … Continue reading

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How to Build a Content Plan For Your Blog

If you have a blog, chances are good that you’ve been knocked off your blogging schedule a time or two. After all, it’s just too easy to let your business, family and other commitments get in the way. But, you … Continue reading

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The Secret to Growing Your Twitter Audience

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of hanging out with some of my social media friends in Nashville. We love to geek out together about social media and marketing over some tasty burgers. Not a bad idea, huh? Luke … Continue reading

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The Number One Mistake Rookies Make on Social Media

More and more people are turning to social media to spread the word about their burgeoning businesses. Although that’s a great thing, there’s a rookie mistake I see businesses make over and over again that kills their credibility and stymies … Continue reading


How to Manage Twitter in 20 Minutes a Day

One of the chief complaints I hear from business owners about Twitter is that they don’t have time for it. The idea of managing Twitter is overwhelming and they’re afraid it’s going to turn into an activity that will consume … Continue reading

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7 Reasons I won’t follow you on Twitter

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing who to follow on Twitter. Some limit who the follow and keep it to a few hundred people. Others follow every single person who follows them. For me, I fall somewhere in between. … Continue reading

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Three Truths about Goal Setting – Lessons from My First Half Marathon

On Saturday, I reached my goal of running my first half marathon and I learned a great deal in the process. Here are a few truths about working to reach your goals. Continue reading

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Do you celebrate your customers?

Let’s face it. We all want to be celebrated every once in a while. Whether we want to admit it or not, it feels good to be recognized. After all, that’s why we celebrate birthdays. It’s the one day out of the year we can call our own. While we might not expect a celebration, it sure feels nice to get one. Continue reading

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