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12 Presentation Tips That Will Help You Wow Your Audience

Speaking to targeted groups is a great way to build awareness, showcase thought leadership and get in front of potential clients and customers. However, speaking only works well if you know how to deliver a powerful and engaging presentation. Earlier … Continue reading

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What Happens if You Succeed?

Yesterday, I walked down to my favorite coffee shop and had a conversation with one of the baristas – something that has become harder for me to do since the shop continues to grow in popularity. In this rare lull … Continue reading

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7 Obstacles Standing in the Way of Business Success

When it comes to business, sometimes, the most important tips are the simplest ones. For instance, if you want marketing success you simply need to focus on what works instead of chasing after shiny objects or magic bullets. However, that’s … Continue reading

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Are You Delivering on Your Brand Promise?

I’m not a regular Publix shopper. But last week, I needed to pick up a birthday cake and Publix was the closest option. Not to mention, they have an excellent bakery. The friend we were celebrating likes strawberry cake with … Continue reading

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Need More Customers? Focus on What Works

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a prospect about marketing for her local eatery. She had previously spent money on advertising with little success and was considering spending more time and money on social media. Like many … Continue reading

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14 Simple Ways to Show Customers the Love

In case you’ve missed the incessant jewelry commercials or red and pink candy aisle at the grocery store, Friday is Valentine’s Day. But this holiday is not just a time to send your friends and loved ones some candy and … Continue reading

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Why Entrepreneurs Need Sick Days Too

Last year, to mark my one-year anniversary as a full-time entrepreneur, I wrote a blog post outlining some of the top business lessons I’ve learned along the way. Although I’ve got some new lessons I could add to that list … Continue reading

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3 Guiding Principles for 2014

Happy New Year! I hope that you had a happy and joy-filled holiday season and that you’re ready to take 2014 by storm. I know I am! Yesterday, I spent the day goal setting and making plans for 2014. It’s … Continue reading

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Want to Achieve Success? Embrace Your Weirdness

Ever seen the Christmas movie classic, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? If you’re like me, you’ve seen it dozens of times and you know the song and the plot by heart. I’ve never given the movie much thought until my … Continue reading

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Are We Seeing the Slow Death of Thanksgiving?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Or, have you noticed amongst the Christmas lights and Black Friday coupons? We have long lamented how Christmas has slowly overshadowed over Thanksgiving.  The decorations go up earlier each year and the holiday TV ads show up … Continue reading

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