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Newsflash: PR Does Not Stand for Press Release

For my entire career, I’ve dealt with a common misconception as it relates to public relations. Far too often companies believe that public relations – and media relations in particular – is synonymous with creating and sending press releases. There’s … Continue reading

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Create a Simple Social Media Plan in 5 Steps

Although social media is no longer in its infancy, there are still businesses that have yet to get on board. Before companies get started with social media, it’s important to lay the proper foundation for your efforts. However, creating a … Continue reading

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What Happens if You Succeed?

Yesterday, I walked down to my favorite coffee shop and had a conversation with one of the baristas – something that has become harder for me to do since the shop continues to grow in popularity. In this rare lull … Continue reading

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How to Build an Effective Blog Team

Creating content for your company blog can be challenging – especially if you only have one or two people fueling the content. That’s why there’s tremendous benefit to building a multi-author blog. Not only does it reduce the workload for … Continue reading

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How to Encourage Your Team to Blog

If you are leading the content marketing efforts for your team, chances are good you’ve encountered a common frustration – getting your team to blog. You’re constantly pleading for blog posts, but no one wants to chip in and help … Continue reading

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7 Obstacles Standing in the Way of Business Success

When it comes to business, sometimes, the most important tips are the simplest ones. For instance, if you want marketing success you simply need to focus on what works instead of chasing after shiny objects or magic bullets. However, that’s … Continue reading

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Is Social Media Making You Fat, Lazy and Stupid?

I love social media. I really do. And yet, despite all of the positive aspects – both personally and professionally – I often wonder if social media is making us fat, lazy and dumb. In a lot of ways, social … Continue reading

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Are You Delivering on Your Brand Promise?

I’m not a regular Publix shopper. But last week, I needed to pick up a birthday cake and Publix was the closest option. Not to mention, they have an excellent bakery. The friend we were celebrating likes strawberry cake with … Continue reading

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Need More Customers? Focus on What Works

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a prospect about marketing for her local eatery. She had previously spent money on advertising with little success and was considering spending more time and money on social media. Like many … Continue reading

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10 Steps to Building More Effective Blog Posts

Whether you’re new to blogging or just getting started, you want your efforts to be effective and worthwhile. Although creating compelling content is a large part of that, how you present the information on your blog can contribute greatly to … Continue reading

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