CRI Telecommunications

The Background

CRI is a provider of voice, video and data solutions for businesses. We were hired to bring consistency and focus to CRI’s marketing efforts – and ultimately, help drive sales for the business. Since CRI doesn’t have a dedicated marketing resource on staff, we work closely with the sales team to support and optimize communications efforts.

Our Approach

Refreshed brand, stronger content

We have provided a full suite of services to help CRI optimize its sales and market efforts. We recently launched a refreshed website that better showcases CRI’s services and content. We’ve also placed a priority on developing valuable content for prospects. We also help CRI stay in contact with customers and prospects through regular email marketing.

The Results

Last year, CRI reached its highest revenue levels in the history of the company. Additionally, since starting blogging efforts last fall, we’ve seen website traffic jump 350%. CRI is also starting to get leads through the website, something that hadn’t happened previously. 

Services Used:

Brand development

  Email marketing

  Blogging and content development

  Website re-design

  Referral program implementation

  Seminar promotion



What the Client Says

“Laura was actually recommended by an expert in social media to assist us in enhancing our corporate image and increase our brand awareness. She has been invaluable in managing the redesign of our website, handling our monthly newsletters, setting up our blogs, and many other things that we have asked her to do. She is a true team player in every aspect and has an incredible ability to understand our business and our needs. Her skills are excellent and her personality makes her a true joy to work with.”

– Scott Maggard

VP of Sales & Marketing, CRI

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