Abby Buter


Powered by passion for people..

A human hug with an infectious smile, Abby brings a genuine and cheerful pop to every single day – fueled by pop music, pop culture and popcorn. We love her heart for people, and her drive for helping Blue Kite to build brands and businesses that are primed to reach their maximum potential.

There isn’t a person, place or product that she doesn’t make better. Whether it’s socially with friends, internally with our staff, or meeting and learning about new people and new clientele – she is fed by the chance to build lasting relationships, and encourage companies and individuals to be at their best.

Abby brings drama and energy to our work in all the best ways. Her experience and appreciation for company culture has a way of making an immediate impact with everyone she works with, as she subtly encourages a more positive and dynamic environment.

A native of the north, Abby’s heart remains stricken by her allegiance to her Michigan home. She moved to Tennessee for college to pursue an interest (turned love) for community development, en route to earning a Master’s in Urban Studies from Eastern University. She has since made the city her home, feeling honored to have been almost exclusively employed in the non-profit sector.
Prior to joining the Blue Kite team, Abby spent five years in a key directive role for Harvest Hands Community Development Corporation. It would be nearly impossible to find an initiative, process or project that Abby didn’t influence while at Harvest Hands. Now, taking her talents to Blue Kite, Abby keeps things running smoothly by managing accounts and championing culture for both our team and for our clients.

Parks and Recreation is her show. The Detroit Tigers and in-state Spartans are her teams. She couldn’t (and wouldn’t) go a day without reading a good book, and has been writing and creating her own topical content on her personal site:

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