• http://www.ltc-associates.com/ LTCA INC

    Excellent advice to generate self-reflection among businesses, Laura.

    Pop quiz for telling the difference between what YOU think of your brand vs. what OTHERS think of your brand: what pops into your head when I say, “Hilton”?

    • http://www.flybluekite.com/ Laura Click

      Glad you liked it!

      And, is it weird that the first thing that comes to mind is Hilton Points? I have friends that only stay there because of that!

      What pops into YOUR head with Hilton?

      • http://www.ltc-associates.com/ LTCA INC

        You’re setting me up, right? (And here I thought I was setting you up.) What makes the example so choice is “Paris”.

        An insurance group held a twitter chat on branding and advertising in 2011, and when I asked this question (“What do you think of when I say Hilton?”) everyone cracked up, because we were all thinking of Paris. Maybe she was more relevant 2 years ago… if she was ever “relevant” ; )

        But the point was the same: how YOU think your brand is defined may not stack up with how OTHERS think your brand is defined.

  • http://bigleapcreative.com/ Lisa Gerber

    I’ve heard two different analogies I like for discussing brand:
    1: The iceberg. The logo and creative direction of collateral is the part that floats above the water. The part people actually see. But the big stuff is underneath – all that other stuff you describe here.
    2: A friend in the agency business tells clients it’s like creating a celebrity. If your organization were a celebrity – who would it be, what would be their profile?

    Thanks for including my post. :) took me awhile to get here, but i’m here!

    • http://www.flybluekite.com/ Laura Click

      I think both of those are great ways to think about it. I think most people “get” the idea of celebrity and creating a persona, so that really helps businesses think about that.

      Also, love the iceberg concept! In fact, I used that image in this post: http://flybluekite.com/2010/10/05/building-your-brand-whats-your-message/

      Thanks for stopping by, Lisa!

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